too much

i just got beat out on that $400 project.  i am so upset right now.  i already did 3 versions and i just don't know what to do.  i also got two 1/5 and my third attempt only went up to a lousy 2/5.  so that's two projects gone...

i'm working on right now...  my initial one scored a 3 and so i'm hoping the newer version i just sent off will be money.

this is so hard.  i am working on these around the clock.  during nap time and from 9pm until i can't see anymore, only to wake up and run to check if i have new scores or comments.  it's like the new facebook or something... i'm addicted and it's worse than facebook!  this is such a letdown.  it makes me want to give up.  it is such a low blow to fail when i have no time and i am dedicating everything to these projects.

i am really upset right now.

i want to crawl into a hole.


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