weekend update

ok second attempt here....

the co-sibling-sleeping has been going very well to my absolute surprise!  there is a god and he does love me.  it doesn't seem to bother either of them if one is crying.  when coco is crying, moses just stays in bed and eventually falls asleep.  i think her presence, despite the crying, is comforting to him because he is no longer alone.  i am also very shocked at how well coco has managed to settle into a routine and how quickly she has done so.  i think she only really cried hard for two nights and that was it, if she was awake she just had small wimpery cries or just sat around quietly until falling asleep again.  i'm so relieved i am able to relax this time around and not freak out so much when chloe is crying it out.  i know that there is nothing wrong and she needs to learn how to soothe herself.  a sane mom is a happy mom and a better mom.  

since we have started, moses only came into our room once in the middle of the night!  i brought him back to find coco sitting awake in bed, so i put moses into bed, fed coco and then slept with moses until 6am and snuck back in my room to sleep.  and if that isn't great enough news, coco doesn't wake up anymore at 12-2am!  she sleeps right through until 5-7am at which point i don't mind going into feed her back to sleep for another couple of hours!  almost 8 months later i'm FINALLY getting some sleep sweet jesus!!!!!!!  

yesterday was CRAZY not stop action.  we were up first thing in the morning to leave at 9am to get to Playland for opening at 10am since we wanted to spend as much time possible before naptime and my 2-4pm button shift at Sublime.  it went fairly well for having had only 3 hours.  moses was terrified of the first ride he chose.  he chose a kid rollercoaster which was "the Dragon" back in my days, but has since then been converted to "kettle creek mine rollercoaster".  it does two rounds, but we got off after the first.  strangely enough they let us on that one WITH chloe but when we tried to sneak moses onto the Log Ride, they totally rejected us.  i will make sure to grab the photos from Ada to post!

moses had fun going on the kiddie rides that basically just go in a circle on a track except for the motorcycle one that went up and down a little too fast for his liking, not to mention parents weren't allowed on so he was by himself.  

he did very much enjoy the large Sack Slide.  he sat on kev's lap the first two times and the last time he surprisingly braved up and went in his own sack and just held kev's hand beside him!  

he had a great time going through what i will refer to as the indoor playground that is basically like a huge indoor obstacle course with punching bags, rope ladder, swaying metal bridges leading up to the top where you then descend through a long tube slide.  ada took him to play some games and he won a little stuffed red shark.

i went on two adult rides: the coaster and the beach party


it was intense experiencing such an adrenaline rush after 2 years of total mundane drab drab.  it was especially intense since i seem to have developed a lot of anxiety over things since i've had kids.  my heart was screaming "i'm alive i'm alive i'm actually still alive!!!!!!!"  it was great to see ada and her friend abby and it was so nice to have my mom join us and help maintain sanity with the kidlets.  

we rushed home for nap time and i did my two hours over at Sublime with the button machine.  it was 100% dead but i didn't care, it is nice to have time away and be able to hear my own thoughts.  Thrifty's next door was hosting a weekend fundraiser for Kids with Cancer, raising money to send sick kids to camp where they can just be kids.  it was very sad but very awesome to hear the announcer tell both heartbreaking stories as well as update the remaining $$$ left to meet their goal.  so great to hear people give $100 or $10.  i wanted to give but i have nothing to give and i've already committed myself to donating monthly to Children's Hospital.  i was so happy to find out kev's dad bought one of the bears that go towards paying for the camp  :)

the 2-4pm stint was dead but having the table set up at the Tsawwassen Movie Night at Diefenbaker was complete chaos!  even with the undercharging of the buttons, i managed to make $50 in about 2 hours.  my head was down the entire time, i had no idea what was going on around me as i just filled the order of the line up of kids totally stoked to take away a customized button.  i also managed to do a little bit of advertising and gave a few business cards for potential birthday parties and marketing material!  hooray!

i wish i had brought my camera and i wish i had time to take photos because it was so awesome being at that park!  it has a playgruond as well as the new water park on one side, and the other side is a huge field of grass that spreads upwards a gigantic hill/half bowl where everyone sits for the enormous blow up screen.  the movie was Toy Story and so all the tents incorporated the characters including volunteers dressing up!  one little girl dressed as Jessie the cowgirl and another dude dressed up as one of the plastic army guys.  there were so many people engaging in the games and activities and Jen and Shannan (my sister in laws) were equally swamped doing tattoos and facepainting.  i love tsawwassen so much.  

i can't wait until my boobs shrink.  NATURALLY and PERFECTLY of course...

today was nice.  went out to steveston with Caela and Brian which worked out perfectly since B only has sundays off and kev left me to fend for myself while he spent the day working on the car from last week for extra $$$.  we hung out at the park and let momo run around and play.  he got PWND at the waterpark when he was curiously wondering why the water had stopped coming out of one of the guns and stood directly in front of it.  he got fully soaked when it restarted and gushed water all over him.  that was the end of that... :P   we walked over to the pier to get food only to have coco grab the wrapper and fling my food on the floor before i even took a bite.  thanks coco.

we had dinner at the my inlaws tonight since yesterday we were all working at the Movie Night yesterday.  the kids didn't really nap 

moses decided it would be more fun to destroy the crowns from toddler art class
than to take a nap

so i headed over there early and took coco for her first swim!!!!

i love my little cherry
hahah look at her cute little underboobs :P


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