as they fall into place

i've got a full plate as usual but i feel like i just tripped and everything has been flung into the air and i am now watchiing everything fall in slow motion, hoping i am able to catch everything again.

i had a fantastic sunday morning down by Beach Grove elementary with the kids and Ethan and family.  kevin chose not to come play.  no further comments.  i left him with the kids upon return to go shopping with Michelle at Grandview Corners for a couple of hours.  i was very well behaved and only spent $45 on a pair of new work pants ($50 with 50% off at the GAP Factory) and two pairs of boxers for kev.

i came home to a most unwelcome surprise.  our computer had died once again, the white computer screen of death as many have coined it, had returned to tear into our empty wallets and rob me of who knows how much work and photos.  i felt crappy all day, but was thankful that the kids were super well behaved.  we actually went with Cait & Ty to the library in the morning for their singing group for babies and tots, which was a lot of fun.  

i hit a low during the kids naptime, wondering what we were going to do about the computer situation.  would we buy another harddrive?  another computer?  where would we get the money when we had not even paid off the first breakdown?  my stomache was in knots wondering when the last time we had backed up our external harddrive and how much had i lost and would have to make up?  i would have to wait until after dinner to go to my inlaws to check.

i have to say i've been down a little already with health issues.  my allergies have been coming back and it is an extremely upsetting thought to go back to not eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  sigh.  WHY DOES BEING PREGNANT/BREASTFEEDING ENABLE ME TO EAT FRUITS AND VEGGIES?  in addition to the allergies, my knees have been aching like hell for the better part of a week and this is without having done anything out of the ordinary and without ever having any history of knee issues.  i don't know what it is that has caused this and it is making me overly cautious about everything i do.  all i know is that i have had very occasional knee pain since chloe was born and it has only increased during the past month and then everyday this week.    :(  HEALTH IS IMPORTANT and it is definitely something not to take for granted.  it has such an enormous bearing on your overall being, your mental state goes down the drain.

the cherry on top of my poop monday sundae is that i still haven't received a call from thrifty's.  i was supposed to get a call on friday only to call in myself to find out that the lady called in sick.  i know that i shouldn't need to worry but it is giving me a lot of anxiety, particularly since having been given the "you've got the job call" i gave myself permission to splurge a little on a few things i have been "needing".

well.  i'm feel much better.  our trip over to my inlaws showed our last back up was at the end of august so we haven't lost a lot in terms of work and i have all my photos from july 3 still on the camera.  we haven't decided what to do in terms of a "new computer", but in the meantime, kev's mom has kindly lent us a laptop.  so... the computer situation is under control.  now i am just waiting for my doctor's appointment and for the job call.

we'll see what happens now.


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