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without illustrator i am unable to play and flesh out some of the many ideas i have in my head for GotCraft and for the Halloween party Michelle and I are planning to put together for Moses Ethan and friends.

for GotCraft i don't know that i will be able to get American Apparel apparel through my sister this time around, so my BLAHBLAHBLAH design may not be part of this year's show.  i'm definitely going to be doing buttons for my swag bag contribution but i haven't figured out what design to go with.  i really love these two buttons

i tried doing the pencil shavings one today with "the pauhaus" as text but i was using a different pencil that was not producing the same feel.  also i don't know that people will want a business pin as part of their swag, even if it is a cool one.  i might just do the latter style and stamp "1" in the centre so that whomever receives it can be "#1".... i don't know yet.

in terms of the fairytale painting/prints, i am planning on adding two more pieces to the collection but i'm having major creative blocks in terms of how to execute Jack & the Beanstalk and Pinnochio.  i am set on doing these since the other ones seem more geared towards girls.

 also, in the same fairytale vein, i am hoping to develop TWO "infograph" illustrations.  after having spent a grueling 2 weeks glued to the computer on the crowdSPRING one, i feel like i am up for the challenge of creating more of them.  i can see them so clearly in my head.  one day, technology will allow us to hook things to our brains and create them on the computer without a mouse...

also thinking of changing up my current holiday card images and adding gift tag designs.  so many people sell their own goods, but they don't create a lot of stuff for the holidays.  might use this little deer guy from one of my crowdSPRING failures

i don't know if i will go through with it this year, but i also have party hats as another idea.  i picked up a crappy pack of party hats from the thrift shop last week, unfurled the cone, scanned it to make a template and tested an all text design.  it turned out ok.  i'm brainstorming other images/text right now.  we'll see how it goes...

so much to do.

i can't tell if my boobs are getting smaller yet.  they definitely are not G's anymore lol.  i think they are probably E's?  wishful thinking anyway.  i think i have officially as of today stopped nursing coco.  i haven't nursed her all day.  i'm glad she doesn't seem to care and i'm glad to have more of my body back to myself.  also.  i got down to a sweetass 102.2lbs yestserday.  hallelujah!


  1. Are you going to sell those kids tshirts in onesies (again?)? Id love to buy one for our little one!

    I love your art.

  2. i have some shirts left but no more onesies :(
    i didn't use AA onesies, i just got them from Sears so technically i can make more onesies... i'll let you know!


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