empty cupboards

i'm not doing well.  i don't know what the cause is but i am definitely falling into a bout of depression.  i don't know if it is a case of SAD with the recent cold weather and gloomier skies or if it a result of not having the computer to keep my mind busy with work/projects.  perhaps a combination?

i don't know if i am prone to this.  i don't know what sets it off.  but i certainly recognize when it shows its ugly face because there is a big difference between not wanting to get out of bed and feeling like getting out of bed is near impossible.

and we are all sick.


  1. Please go talk to the postpartum folks. Postpartum depression can manifest anytime within a year after the birth of a baby, and there are great (free!) programs that can help you get through this.


  2. thanks miranda! i ended up calling the ppd phone line yesterday afternoon when the kids napped.



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