the hardest button to button

sigh.  my little mosie is sick.  he has some variation of the virus that Ethan had earlier this week, except Ethan didn't have the runny nose leading up to the fever.  it's been off and on the past couple of days... he just woke up soaking in his sweat but his forehead had cooled.  i just spent the past 15-20 mins cuddling with him in my bed, and massaged his little hand and foot until he fell asleep, sprawled across the top half of the bed.  thankfully none of us happened to catch it.  he has been totally up and down, bouncing back between his usual energetic self and totally wiped and distraught.  i don't know if it's been this fever but he's been crying in the most irrationally manner over nothing.  we drove out to north van last night for a Pinkberry trip and he ended up having a tiny barf just as we hit the Lion's Gate bridge.  poor guy.

it was nice to be able to cuddle with him...  kev and i managed to spend some time together when both kids went down, since i didn't have to work on that crazy infograph (which i didn't land btw but was right up there with all the contenders).  i was tearing up over the fact that the kids are growing up so fast and that as frustrating as they can be at this age, the problems are SIMPLE.  "nothing that can't be solved with hugs and kisses.... or ice cream".  i am terrified of them growing up.  i am really sad that i have no real memories of coco as a baby in spite of making such conscious efforts to live in the moment with her and trying to make photographic memories in my head.  they all just dissentegrate into the fog that is my life.  my head is a mess, a complete wasteland in dire need of rehabilitation.  i'm in survival mode, i just need to do the necessary to get through each day.  unfortunately, in order to maintain any shred of sanity, i have been busying myself with all these projects.  well, ok, i'm also doing it because one day i want to have my own business.... plus the extra money is good.  there is so much on our minds.  so much stress.  so much worry...

trying to eat better.  we're not vegetarians but we had been making efforts to be live a more vegetarian based diet.  we've slumped back for the last year, but i'm trying to make changes and also trying to take a greater part in doing the cooking.  bought some organic quinoa that was on sale today and i'm thinking about going back to get more since it is so expensive.  i would complain that they don't have regular quinoa, but i do want to eat more organic foods.  kev and i both struggle with this as organics obviously come with a bigger price tag.  we do what we can when we can...

this weekend has been a nice breather.  it was our first weekend to sort of "relax" without having to work on that damn infograph or kev having to work on that car.  we went to IKEA saturday after breakfast.  i had my mind set on blowing my $250 from a wedding on buying the kids the kitchen since we haven't got around to actually producing a DIY one but kevin chastised my ass and so i sat with moses in the buggy while he ate a snack and i tried not to cry.  i felt so miserable.  i don't buy things for myself.  i've been working my ass off.  but yes, i COULD use that money to help pay for gas or whatnot instead of throwing it away on this little kitchen.  kevin is working on a kitchen design as we speak, hooray!  

i did however spend a little on chloe since she has no clothes.  i feel constantly guilty that we were able to spend more on moses.  i feel like we are giving her the shaft.

i bought the top and pants over a month ago and went to exchange them but i just couldn't.  i felt so bad jipping her out of clothes so i just bought her the shoes and socks since she is growing out of her one pair of shoes and she'll need some thicker socks for the cool weather.  at least she didn't need to wear socks and shoes during the summertime...

i love these Gagou Tagou socks from ToysRUs, they are only 99cents!

we had an early dinner on saturday and did our Pinkberry run since we didn't want to bring momo's germs over to my in-laws.  today we went to the mall to check out some CARS toys for moses since my sister offered to pay.  those toys are total rip offs!

ugh.  we also went to Richmond Centre on friday evening just to get out of the house and it was rough.  i basically went to check out the new Zara and it was such a low blow browsing all the sweet ass Fall looks.  i totally miss working and making money to spend on clothes, and then dress up super nice for our impeccably perfect and gorgeous office.  i miss my clothing allowance.  i miss being able to afford Dry Clean Only.  i miss spending money.  i miss finding new delicious places to eat and linger with kev and friends.  I MISS MY HOT BODY DAMMIT.  

but all in all, it was nice of kevin to wear coco in the carrier and run after moses while i browsed in peace

more on the button front...
one of the ladies at the RunInn shop requested buttons for her running group

AND i discovered the ability to make a fringe or ribbon around the button!


really stoked on the increase of button sales.  not getting my hopes up, i know a lot of it is chance having the right people come by between those 2 hours on saturdays.  word of mouth!  

getting my shit together for craft season...  hopefully if i can be decently organized this year,  i will be more confident about attending One of a Kind next year.


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