I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a horrid headache this morning,  the same one over the past few days and i started burning up a little.  i called Thrifty's to request an earlier interview just in case i was feeling worse later on.  the lady said it was fine but then called me back a few minutes later telling me not to bother if i wasn't feeling well (i start panicking...) because she really liked me right away when we met at the store and that everything on my resume looked great and she thought i would be a great addition to the team (yesss!!!!!!!!!) !!!   she said the interview is usually quite informal and we already sort of talked when we first met.  so she is going to call me on friday morning to discuss rates, dress code and training :)

hooray!!!!!!!!!!  what a huge weight lifted from my shoulders!

i took a tylenol this morning which has helped my headache significantly but i keep having waves of burning up and sweating.  hopefully i'm ok...



  1. yay! Congratulations!!! That's going to be so great for you - what kind of position is it there?

    feel better xo


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