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there are 10 followers here.  i know there are probably at least 10 more whom i know that follow without an account.  i have a feeling there are others that follow that i don't know follow.

kevin is right.  i shouldn't have a laptop.  it just means my ass will get flatter from sitting in bed, warming my thighs with the heat of the whirring base as i check emails, stalk people on facebook and chat.  oh but it is soooo comfortable!  the internet is an evil genius.

i have some updates here.  first of all

she took me by complete surprise and started waving hello/bye-bye about 2-3 days ago.  i say it took me by surprise because in typical mother-of-a-second-child fashion, i haven't touched my "Baby's Best Chance" bible in ages and therefor have no idea what milestones to be looking for. it's so funny how obsessed parents become with milestones with their firstborn and then totally shrug it off once more come along.  i guess you just realize that the child is going to do it when they are ready.  and it is funny because i clearly remember my mom telling me that over some milestone i was having anxiety about back when moses was younger.

chloe is killing me softly.  she is cotton candy, light fluffy and sweet as hell.  this past week, she seems to have grown or rather developed a distinct sense of ... being?  she constantly breaks into this super happy face where she squints and forwns her eyes but bears the hugest grin with all 6 of her funny oversized spaced out teeth.  her darling little face is slowly catching up to her teeth.  she just seems more aware of her feelings.  she finds things funny and she and moses are laughing TOGETHER more often.  not only does he make her laugh but she occasionally gets him laughing as well and that's when my heart goes from completely swollen to bursting candy everywhere pinata style.

she is saying mama a lot.  it seems to be more and more discriminant each week.  she also is loving kevin a whole lot more and the feelings are mutual.  it isn't that he did not love her, but it is just part of his personality that he has difficulty bonding with babies.  now that she is older, he is finding it easier to relate and bond and play and it melts me into total mush whenever i see them playing and laughing together.

standing is a piece of cake.  her cruising is advancing, from one chair to another.  i keep forgetting to retrieve our walker from cait to see if coco will be able to do it!  i'm excited!  coco is a bottomless pit.  she could probably eat every hour if i let her.  she by far can eat way more than moses, but i guess that isn't saying much since he doesn't want to eat anything these days...

moses is into singing and nursery rhymes.  he knows Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Row Your Boat and this other lesser known Down By the Station diddy.  He also likes to sing "Life is a Highway I wanna ride it al night long" from Cars, Bob the Builder, and dances up a storm to Thomas the Train.  you can often catch him singing to himself while playing with his cars and trucks.  the lady singing with the kids at the library said that if your child knows 4 nursery rhymes by the time they are in kindergarten, they will be in the top readers in their class.  i can't imagine how accurate that is since everyone probably knows 4 nursery rhymes by kindergarten, but obviously not everyone is in the group of top readers...  whatever.

potty training has been dwindling.  i am making efforts to get him to take his diaper first thing in the morning but this proves to be a challenging feat when i can hardly drag myself out of bed, let alone convince Mr No!/Mr PowerIssues/Mr I'mTwo to take off his diaper himself.  i usually end up wrestling him.  i still can't get myself to move beyond the house and into outings for this potty training.  i mean even if he never peed himself, i just HATE public washrooms!  i hate using them myself because i'm such a germophobe, but to have to get him into one WITH chloe and have them BOTH not touch anything is just more than i am willing to handle.  BIG SAD FACE.

moses has entered Phase II of "The No's" and it isn't just the big angry "NO"s that are being dished out a lot more often, but the totally badittude "...nope!"s that are asking for a knucklesandwich.  he is saying it to everything.  he says it when i am asking him to do something, he says it even when i am making a statement not even asking him a freaking question.  he is still having troubles sharing with chloe and i am so tired of having to be a hawk on him for every single time he pulls a toy from her hands, pushes her over when she tries to reach for his toy, yells at her "NO COCO DON"T TOUCH" and quickly runs/crawls away with toys in hand or the worst is when he isn't playing with something at all and he just doesn't want her to play with anything and throws a total crying fit when i give it to her.  he is being all kinds of ridiculous.

so much of the Terrible Twos totally makes me think about Moses being a teenager.  i keep wondering how much of how he is acting now is indicative of what kind of bratty behavior we will have to deal with when he is a teen.  last week when he was sick, he woke up in our bed one morning crying for no reason.  i asked him kindly and with concern what was wrong and telling he was ok, only to be told "I don't want to see mommy" over and over again.  i couldn't help but feel like that was my first "i hate you!" and i did not like it one bit.  here i am trying to console him and help him and all i get was "i don't want to see you" as he cried like a little pos.  wonderful.

well.  those are the updates for now.

lastly here, i called thrifty's and the lady picked up and assured me i was hired and not to worry.  she was just running a little behind and i would probably start training 2-3 week of october.

computer - check
job - check
knees and alleriges - thursday...

goodnight moon


  1. Little tots singing is one of the cutest things. Owen likes to sing himself to sleep, and then also when he's waking up in the morning or from his nap. He just goes off on a nonsensical monologue to himself and to his room, in the dark, interjecting songs every now and then. It is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever witnessed.

    - Bronwen


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