small tings

we bought a new iMAC last night.  Ethan & Michelle came over for a yummy communal dinner and then we bolted out the door to make it to the Apple Store in Richmond Centre for their last hour of operation.  moses looked so badass in his navy Adidas track suit sitting at the kids' imac and actually 80% able to turn pages of a story book by moving and clicking the mouse.  another $2000 on top of our roof debt...

BUT I START WORK ON THE 14TH!  i was called today and given my first 26 hours of work :)

the imac is so beautiful.  it was beautiful when we had the 21" screen but it is a phenomenal experience with the 27".  if i were god, i would bless everyone on earth with one.  i just worked on it for the past hour or so and it was wonderful.

we went for our first Toddler Art Class yesterday with KLF and her friend Jane.  Hanu and Taryn showed up late but made it!  Taryn's belly is so beautiful.  god is crazy.  admittedly i keep thinking about having another one and just had a dream the other night that i was pregnant and in labour...  why would such thoughts take place in the upside down zoo that is my brain???  anyway.  the art class was raaaad!  they read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to start off the class because WE WERE MAKING CATERPILLARS!  with rows of egg cartons & paint!  googly eyes and antennae to be added next week :)   aaaaaannndd, i have to tell you how super mega stoked i am about their first project that we missed: PASTA NECKLACES!  yes, go ahead, go google "pasta necklaces" and be totally disappointed.  these necklaces are not your googled necklaces; these necklaces were made of super funky pastas that had been dyed in the most beautiful reds and blues and and and they were so awesome i pretty much want one of my own.  (i'm actually considering seeing if it is possible to make a mold of them and make ceramic ones in kev's mom's kiln.... and sell those bitches!)


i am thinking of doing these necklaces for favours for coco's birthday.  i also have decided that the theme of her birthday will be birds/feathers and probably a tea party rather than lunch or dinner.  very low key but very pretty :)  the idea was inspired by these limited time BIRD napkins that i found at IKEA the other week.  i'd post them but they are not on the site nor on google images...  i'll post a photo soon...  this of course makes me regret all the birdcages i used to have back in our hoarding days.  hopefully we will be able to find a few at the Thrift shop to spray and hang.

my mom is coming over tomorrow :)  i am going to work more on Nicole's button project.  i basically reworked a playing cards Queen into a more modern and attractive face.  i printed it out and have to draw the hair by hand and rescan it...  it's looking pretty good so far.

need to take it easy this weekend.  can't tell if this cold is getting worse or not.  i escaped a FOURTEEN people birthday party for this saturday.  14 kids for $20?  no way.

have a big book post waiting to go next.

good night


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