brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! curl up with some good books this fall!

dude.  it is getting so cold!  the kitchen counter gave me a chilling shock when i pressed my belly against it and this laptop is chilly on my wrists!

moses continues to be an avid reader which is really fantastic.  he warms up to new books quite quickly and we still read him a minimum of 3 books each night.  we have been doing our best to incorporate more into chloe's bedtime routine, but it is such a chore when she goes to bed no problem.  all she needs is a little cozy bottle to get her in the mood then we put her into her crib awake and she sucks on her blanket until she passes out...  i have a few photos of this that i will be posting shortly :)  it's so adorable.  anyway, i am forcing myself to implement brushing now.  i know i should have done it earlier blah blah blah but i didn't. i'm doing it now and she is enjoying it which makes it easier.  moses hated it and so it was postponed and avoided.  she initially didn't seem quite into reading but she is slowly becoming more interested in more than just eating the pages.  i can't remember at what point we started doing reading with moses... i tried to search in my blog but couldn't really track anything down.  it's so hard to force yourself to do more for a routine when your kid doesn't need it, especially when your other child is already well into a routine.  i must say, it is funny how everyone says that having a routine will help your child go to bed.  moses fell asleep at 11pm.  he'll probably be awake at 730am.  EFF.

alright!  moving onto the book list!  these are a mix of new books from the library this past week as well as a few from our own collection...



a tale of trying to solve a problem by throwing things at it

Kev went on a Maurice Sendak spree with three of his pre-Where The Wild Things Are stories, one which we have borrowed in the past

A book written in rhymes about Pierre who would only say "I Don't Care!"
That is until a hungry lion comes along ...

Another rhyming book that talks about eating chicken soup with rice
all the months of the year.  Short and sweet for those too-tired-to-read nights.
Very excellent illustrations in this one.

I hate this book.  Kev hates it.  Moses freaking LOOOOVES this book!
The book is written a little bit like Goodnight Moon where some of it rhymes and some of it does not.  The cadence is also totally out of whack and some of the sentences don't even really make sense.
I am not totally sure why it won an award but a lot of really messed up books seem to win these awards and it really disturbs me.  I am also not sure why exactly Moses likes it so much, but part of me wonders if it's because the little boy, Mickey, falls out of his clothes in this "dream" and appears naked in a number of pages.  

We are talking little butt and full frontal nudity, to which Moses MUST always point and say "PENIS" "BUM".  Moses has not yet arrived at potty talk, so he isn't saying it in a giggly sort of way, but rather a very matter of fact sort of way.

Moses and I really enjoy this book!  I haven't read any of the earlier books about Sam's older sister Stella but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them.  This book is very cute and has really pretty soft watercolour illustrations.  Sam is getting ready to go out and wants to put on all his items of clothing "by himself" and yet ends up asking his sister Stella for help with each item.  It has set Moses off on a "I can do it by myself" tangent which is both frustrating and cute.  It obviously slows things down as he tries to do everything on his own, but very cute to see how proud he is when/if he does manage to succeed.

I just picked this one up today and it is SUPER SUPER adorable.  Moses enjoyed it first time round and asked for a reread.  It is a short read with a simple story where this new Joey explores the world for the first time.  He takes hops out to meet new animals but returns to his POUCH! after each new discovery until he comes face to face with another little Joey.  Very lovely and expressive illustrations.

Everyone, including little Chloe enjoys this book.  The cars are 3D and each one disappears with each page by slipping in an oil spill or crashing into a creek or driving into some hay.  It is also done in rhyme and Moses has pretty much memorized what happens to each car and recites it aloud as we read.  It is a really fun book to read.  Chloe mainly likes the feel of the racecars.

Lastly, I really do love Dr Seuss.  It has been such a pleasure to read Hop on Pop to Moses and watch him understand it more and more as he gets older.  It is definitely going to help him with reading which he is actually beginning to grasp the concept of.  When we go through his tattered and torn TRUCK book (Bright Baby book with different trucks, all labeled with the name) he has begun to point to letters and say their sounds rather than the name of the letter.  It is very exciting :)



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