photographic updates

Buttons for Local Running Team

Our brand new $5 typewriter!!!!

Handcarved-Handmade stamps for my sister's birthday
Inspired by the same book that brought you the potato stamp beach blanket for Soleil
(Print Workshop)

...and birthday buttons for her and her husband

my new have photo of cocobear
i am in love with her morning hair and little tiny bottom teeth

this is what happens when we let Moses dress himself
i know i should really let him do it more often but if you haven't noticed
i am one vain mofo.  

with added shiny black industrial boots and my heart sunglasses

these noodles have been a favourite of mine since the beginning of time.  it is a recipe that my late grandma on my father's side would ALWAYS make for me when we would go over for dinner.  she would always make TWO of everyone's favourite dishes.  these noodles were my absolute favourite.  when she passed away in 2003 (4 months after my dad), those noodles that i had coveted my entire life were no longer.  my aunts would do their own versions that were so-so, but never quite the same.  it was only until pregnant with moses that i got the recipe from one of my aunt's and had kevin attempt to replicate them.  i cried.  they were so sooo sooo close and after a five year hiatus, the flavours hit me so hard.  it obviously didn't help that i was pregnant and already full of crazy emotions.  i have never experienced anything quite like this before.  these were my connection to my grandma as she did not speak english and i can not speak chinese.  i never saw her after my dad passed away.  the next time i saw her was at her funeral because she was so heartbroken over my dad, that we were told not to visit.  i regret that.

fast forward to NOW.  it was a very special day when moses had these for the first time, and it was equally heartwarming to watch coco inhale the delicious golden threads by the fistfuls.

equally touching was having coco eat the yummy kabocha squash that my dad's dad continues to grow in their backyard.  it is a part of my family that she gets to share.  (i say "she" because moses doesn't really want to eat anything these days)  with so much loss and so much change in the dynamics of my dad's side of the family, it is a small comfort to be able to have a few things that remain the same.

Asian shirt and Asian eyes

I know I have written little snippets here and there about how much I enjoy our Saturday night dinners at Kev's parents' with his immediate family.  I decided to start taking photos because these are very special times that I want the kids to remember.  The table is getting tighter and tighter!   Moses and Andie have graduated from the highchair to the table where they sit on a big pillow, and Chloe now has the plastic throne where she eats 2 meals and finishes Moses and Andie's leftovers :P  

Here is Moses with a fabulous table of cookies, regular and gluten free!
You can bet the house was smelling like sweet heaven when we arrived!

It started, of course, with Moses.  Well, ok, Andie had come along by then when Kev's mom purchased these little sipping cups.  Moses had the orange one and Andie claimed the pink one.  The open cups are the after-dinner-treats cups.  Moses' mix consists of dried cranberries, blueberries, gorilla crunch cereal and a cookie if cookies have been baked.  I can't tell you Andie's mix because I'm usually flanked by my children and helping them to eat.  Chloe has just recently joined the cup gang.

From left to right
Chloe - blue and green
Moses - orange and orange
Andie - pink and yellow

every evening ends with computer time where Jan plays learning games with the kids

More bathtime shenanigans!
Chloe is getting better at sitting without assistance

onto my OCD of creeping my kids once they are sleeping hahaha

Seriously.  they are like baked offing goods!  they are warm and toasty and soft and smell 
SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!  i'm getting my kisses in while i still can.

and here is my little blanket sucker :)
omg you don't even know how crazy giddy i get when i sneak into their room and i see chloe still has a blanket in her mouth.  it makes me want to jump around and pull my hair out!

yummy blanket turban
sometimes if i am lucky, i will catch her asleep in the carseat with a big wad of fleece in her gob

almost done!
today as i was about to sit and feed chloe, moses ran over and asked to feed her!
it was so offing adorable, key and i were dying.  moses has all but mastered feeding himself with hardly any spills, so i wasn't too worried.  he did a pretty decent job although he would sometimes do the 
one for you... one for me....

and last but not least...
we babysat Ethan for a couple of hours tonight
here are the boys enjoying a lovely bowl of popcorn while watching Kung-Fu Panda



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