dear klf


so, key and i have been quilling coco's name to display above the fireplace for her birthday.  we have all but finished... i am redoing the bottom section of the "E" right now.  then we are going to surround it with white banner quilling and hopefully two birds.  as usual kevin is way better than i am and totally deflated me during our 3 hour marathon last night until 1am.  our masochistic nature is what brings us together :P  it was actually really enjoyable hanging out with him for the first time in months.  we ended up arguing and taking shots at each other the whole time which was amusing.  i had forgotten how much we used to argue over the most mundane things.  our quality time included amaretto hot chocolate (with marshmallow) and Jukebox Oldies.

here is a sneak peak...

also here are some photos of chloe looking super cute in my cozy hat and moses looking especially grumpy

totes doesn't even look like him!

having tea and cheerios while mom cleans the house :)


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