happy birthday L bear

saturday was the last craft saturday for Tsawwassen and i did well!  each week i have managed to make between $50-80, so it was a good "year" hahaha.  this saturday was also Leila's birthday party.  we met Leila a week before her 1st birthday when moses was 5 months old.  we had just moved out here to tsawwassen from the Retro apartment in Vancouver aka leaving our glory days.

i arrived with little to carry (knowing i was not going to need to bring home any products to work on because i knew i was going to be quilling chloe's banner, i left my things with Sublime), i set my table up,and immediately set out to produce my first attempt on a smaller scale quilled letter L for leila.  it took me the full time to finish it which was about 5 hours.  voila...

a few photos from the party

the colours i used are reminiscent of photos i have seen of myself
when i was mom's age...  at family gatherings that i don't actually have
any memories from 

delicious poofs

lovely colours

be aware... the hallway gang!

soooome-wheeeeerrre oooover the baaaaalllooon, waaaay uuupp hiiiiigh.....


ho-hum... i thought this party was supposed to have C-A-K-E!!!

....happy birthday to you!!!.....

...happy biiiirthday dear leeeeeiiiillllaaa...


i love this little girl


birthday hugs

moany moses

three and loving it


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