rollover october, november is here

moses trick-or-treating

the time change has caused excessive bleeding in my eyeballs.
i worked a full day shift today.  it was another gruelling sunday of customers all shopping for their week's supply of groceries.  everyone comes on sundays!  it makes sense, but considering how crazy busy it gets, you would think people would reconsider sunday... then again, working for the weekend maintains friday a day of NOT DOING anything remotely work-like and saturday is the new sabbath which leaves sunday as the popular day to storm the grocery store.

i'm getting better at codes but apparently i am numbskull when it comes to bagging.  i'm trying not to get upset but one of my supervisors put it this way:

say you went and bought a $200 dress and the person rolled it up and threw it in a bag...  you have to pack customer's bags as if you were packing your own

so i figure she just doesn't like me.  that's fine, i don't expect to like or be liked by everyone in my workplace but i guess i expect an iota of respect.  i'm trying not to take it personally but it feels like it was a personal shot when all that was necessary was to correct and advise me on how to improve.


this is me with chloe who is wearing a hat.  she never wears hats.

moses wore this same hat when he was about 6 months

ack! so cute!

we went to costco the other day and i have to admit that costco has some sweet deals on great books!  

we found this set of Roal Dahl books for $18!!!  the original price printed on the box was like 80 pounds!  we dropped the $20 because i am a huge Dahl fan and kevin is into anything for the kids that is BOOKS.  speaking of which... here is moses learning the concept of reading:

do not be fooled.  although he seems to understand how reading works, he has also gone through this book a few times and remembers what is on each page.  nonetheless, i am still very impressed with his ability to sound out letters!

i am dead!  i had the first of four craft shows this saturday.  i was completely unprepared, having done all but nothing all week and worked til 10pm the night before.  i got up at 830am and started running around like a maniac trying to get my things together.  key had a dentist appointment in richmond at 10am which is when the craft show started, so i ended up packing the car and bringing the kids with me.  luckily all of kevin's family was there so i had some help and chloe sat in Andie's highchair at my table.  i ended up driving back home 3 times having forgotten vital items!

i did very well and the day went by quickly.  i made just under $50 in buttons while sweatshopping christmas ones!  i gave out a lot of business cards and one lady has already contacted me for doing some for her business.  please go to thepauhaus blog to see the new buttons!

i am going to die!  i haven't completed ANY christmas cards!  i need to design them and get them printed for this coming weekend!  there are so many other projects i need to do!  

so tired...
going to update pauhaus...


  1. I could die, that is so cute!! he totally is getting it! That book looks adorable, and japanese? What is it?

  2. hahaha we ended up having to buy this book because chloe ripped a page! i showed the librarian when iwas returning so she could tape it up before putting it back on the shelf but then we told me i had to buy it.... IT WAS $21!!!!!! there is a whole series of these books to teach different sounds but i would recommend borrowing them or else you will be poor :P


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