updates for the addicts

moses picks out his first gingerbread man!

hello, gingerbread man! you look good enough to eat!

......... !!!!



chloe dreaming of eating a gingerbread man

so yesterday while chloe slept, i sent moses to play in my room because he
was being too loud in the living room and causing chloe to stir with his car crashes.
i should have known something was up when he was playing all too quietly...

i was sitting at the kitchen counter by my closed bedroom door when he opened the
door and presented me with shimmery hands

once again, he managed to reach up onto my dresser and get into my make up

he also decided to decorate his toys and my bed in shimmery Stila product


and i will leave you with some dinner photos from tonight...
i have begun to allow chloe to have a bowl on her highchair instead of just
plopping it directly onto the tray.  she respects the goodness of food ( for now...)
so she doesn't really eff around and play with it unless (on the rare occasion) she doesn't like it

moses, on the other hand, likes to dip his utensils into his drinks

mono strikes poses as he eats...

"...oh!  i didn't see you there with the camera, mom!"

i need to get back to doing 50 million projects

good night


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