updates: the kids are alright

our morning began with moses bashing chloe on the head with his crane truck

i heard her crying, saw moses quickly run away and picked chloe up to hug her.  it was only a few seconds after scooping her up that the tiny gash pushed out the fat bloody tear from her little forehead at which point i totally started to freak out.  the only reassurance that she was ok was that she stopped crying at her usual 10-15 seconds after being hit by moses.  he pushed/hit her about 7 more times since then.  

it is difficult having to maintain two different disciplinary types for two different aged children.  because chloe is younger and doesn't know any better, i don't get upset if she stands up to the sliding door and bangs on it.  she is just enjoying the view and the bangs aren't very loud, not to mention she is minding her own business instead of clamouring after me while i am cleaning the house.  moses on the other hand, knows he is not supposed to commit banging of any kind.  if i do not ask chloe to stop banging, he assumes it must be ok and joins her, only to be called out for it, which is obviously not fair to him.  

grilllllled cheese

i am making efforts to give moses more credit and less credit for chloe.  i know for a fact that when moses was her age, i was much more vigilant about allowing him to do certain things.  i am definitely aware of the differences in my parenting.  it is completely different parenting a first child and an only child.  it is completely different doing two at the same time and finding a balance.  it is completely different having a second one, a younger one, the baby one.  i know that at this age, moses did not at all seem like the baby chloe still is to me.  compared to moses, she just seems like the baby!  and because he will always be bigger and older (well maybe until they are 10...), she will always be the baby.  although i may feel this way, i am trying hard to not "baby" her and let her get away with things.  it is hard, but i don't want to bring her up feeling like she can get away with things while moses receives iron fist after iron fist.

anyway.  let's get to some updates!

new gear from auntie mc

we are continuing to lead moses in sounding out words during story time if it is one of the simple 1-3 word books.  for books with sentences, i am pointing to each word as we go along.  it has been a treat to watch him advance from simple books with one or few words to books that have one or two sentences and now to books with 3-5 sentences.  he is more patient and able to absorb and understand longer stories.  he continues to ask to be read a favourite book 3-4 times which is as many as we will ever do.  similarly, he requests me to sing one song over and over and over.  of course, this is a tiresome thing to have to do, but i just remind myself that if i keep doing it, he will be singing it to me the next day!  

i love that we are a book family.  i love how often we go to the library, how there are new books pretty much every 1-2 weeks.  chloe has jumped on the bandwagon, crawling to the book pile and flipping through them.  they do watch their share of tv, sometimes more than i would like, but i am comforted by their interest in reading and by the fact that we take frequent walks or visits to the park.  with the arrival of colder weather, drop-in gymnastics is definitely a haven!  AND i have registered him for saturday mornings come january!  i have a growing list of books for a book post...

sleeping patterns have changed.  our schedule has changed.  moses no longer takes naps.  basically, he plays quietly or watches tv while chloe naps.  i try to make time for just the two of us in between cleaning up the house, updating this blog and thepauhaus, my new pauhaus Facebook page, working on unfinished or unstarted projects for craft fairs, and freelancing.  DIGRESS.  chloe now sleeps anywhere from 11-1 for about 2 sometimes 3 hours!  this is great because i no longer have to be out by 10am and back for lunch followed by small rest and nap time which usually ends too close to kevin coming home and making dinner.  now that moses doesn't nap and chloe goes earlier, there is more flexibility in our morning and more time to get out (if not for a second time) after chloe's nap.  

it is amusing how parents become obsessed with shit, naps and schedules...  it makes sense.  these 3 things rule your life.  you are a slave to the needs of these little people.

chloe finally learned FEET FIRST october 30.  she is now able to independently get down from the couch or from our bed!  still working on applying it to going down slides but it's harder now that winter is fast approaching.  she understands EAT and BOTTLE.  she will lean into you when you say KISS which is the most adorable of all adorable things :)   she is JUST LIKE MOSES when she wakes up and you come into the room.  she might sometimes freak out at you for taking too long, but then she starts laughing and playfully jumps into her blankets and rolls around.  

exhausted and with a bare fridge, we ended up going out for dinner last night.  it was chloe's first night of indian food at All India and she stormed through the food.  both of them did actually!  it was a fight to keep up rather than fight to get any into them.  it was stressful heading out as we had originally planned to go elsewhere, then opted out to a closer place which ended up being closed, we put in an order of takeout and then cancelled it before All India.  it was such a pleasant dinner with no screaming, chasing, crying.  the food was delicious and the chai tea hit the spot.  IF ONLY EVERY MEAL COULD BE SO PLEASANT!

i keep meaning to take better notes on moses' language.  i know every post is the same general comment that it is getting better, but whenever i come to post, i never have specifics.  he has moved on from being able to make simple statements and now makes connections between ideas and experiences.  he is more descriptive and provides details about what is going on when he is playing.  OH!  the other day, he was playing with Lightning McQueen and Mater and told me they were so happy because they were having a treat.  I asked him what kind of treat and after a brief pause, answered "Froooooot Snacks!"  and on the topic of food, i have been applying his experience of not wanting to try coconut yogurt but finding out that it was delicious, to trying other kinds of foods.  "...but it might taste yummy like coconut yogurt!!!"  

i give total props to kevin for his heavy handed insistence on manners.  moses continues to display incredible manners to the point where when he is in trouble and he is crying, he pleads "NO THANK YOU!  NO THANK YOU!"  even in the midst of a tantrum, his manners still shine through hahaha.

potty training is up and down.  i still need to keep on top of it.  it is more a struggle on my part than it is on his part.  if i buck up, he will follow.  as long as he is in underwear, he will go to the bathroom himself, often without even telling me.  

it was kevin's birthday this weekend and for the most part, it got bypassed.  we had a nice saturday family dinner with his family after the craft fair.  we had dessert and a cake and he got some socks and a cardigan from H&M from his siblings.  his parents were so kind as to give him a birthday/christmas present of cash which covers a quarter of our roof for which we have not even begun to pay them back.  i'll say my gift were three delicious Mink chocolate bars and last night's dinner.

have you tried Mink's amazing bars????  yes they are a little steep in terms of chocolate but for amazing flavour combinations, they are definitely worth it!  the three i bought for key (and myself her her her) were


their first location was right up the street from where i worked downtown on W Hastings at Hornby and they just opened a new location at Morgan Crossing in White Rock.

downtown location

morgan crossing location



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