the after christmas lull

ordinary and extraordinary, photos of the daily grind.
this boy doesn't nap except when we head out in the car after dinner.  then he is out cold.

went over to kevin's grandparents for a light lunch on boxing day with a scant few other family members.  too bad i didn't take any group photos, wah wah...

i keep forgetting to take photos of chloe in her puffa jacket from my sister!
it is the most beautiful and perfect colour!
pink! no purple! no pink! no purple!...

last days of chloe in the infant carseat.  SUPER SAD TIMES.

i wish i could be 1 and have someone show me a musical snow globe for the first time...

love these blocks
going to do some projects inspired by them

just another day on the couch looking at photos on mom's phone...

kevin got a sweet toy engine with tools from his secret santa.
it is so perfect because kev, of course, knows all the parts and is able to teach moses
their names and functions as they disassemble and reassemble the pieces.
there is working ratchet and screwdriver that actually clicks when the screws are tight
and a key that turns and makes "starting up engine" sounds

yesterday i made a sweet ice cream shop for moses....

...with a drive-thru window...

...a seating area with "photos" on the walls...

...and a counter for the Old Man to serve the diners...

"Help!  I've fallen and I can't get up!"
(god how sad is it that the new generation doesn't get that joke...)

marshmallow delight roused from her slumber nom nom nom

chrismee tree shots before the take down
(kevin ponders)

my sister has begun a tradition of buying the kids' a new ornament
guess whose this is...

mashmallow snowmen from Ethan!

sparkly christmas tree from art class

and THIS is going to be a.w.e.s.o.m.e.....
kevin is cutting out the pieces as we speak!


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