coco's first birthday photos

the quilling turned out beautifully

elf came over friday and helped deck the patio
it was EXACTLY what i wanted it to be!
so sad i can't keep it like this all year around...

kevin found these gorgeous mugs at the thrift shop 
10 for $1 

chloe's dress fit her PERFECTLY!
Joe Fresh 
$12.50 on sale

crystally buttons!!  sparkle sparkle!

after countless hours deciding on colours...

lemon with buttercream!

chocolate with vanilla cream cheese!

so happy i bought this grass rug...

the poufs.... or "bushes" and moses kept calling them

a kevin special


<3 with great granddad <3

moses and carl 

moses and nene

C and K

party music

party people

cupcake time!!!!

happy birthday to you.....

in the 30 consecutive photos taken, chloe's face remains the same: unimpressed
i find this hilarious
moses tries to blow the sparkler

moses offers a cupcake to chloe :)

moment of truth!
chloe's first chocolate experience


chloe: this. is . awesome

how many can i eat while mom is distracted....

the beautiful crowes

the langemann's arrive....

hanu and moses...  it is too easy to see what 14 more years is going to look like


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