dirty rotten christmas

we got spoiled.
not just the kids, but kev and i were spoiled as well.  not just blessed with kindness and generosity, but spoiled with completely unnecessary bonuses.

i had a wonderful time yesterday with my side of the family.  it was nice that this year's christmas eve was hosted in ladner so that, although everyone else was coming from vancouver/richmond, it was only a 10 minutes drive for us!  the food was delicious and everyone seemed to be in a festive mood.  i didn't expect us to stay as long as we did but the kids were amazingly well behaved and even when they were wiped out, they remained in good spirits as family members whom we see less often entertained them.  i know it is not about the gifts, but i have to say that there were a lot of fantastic gifts, thoughtful and adorable and gifts, gifts that were unexpected and original.

we did our usual family photos, which include (1) each individual family (2) group shot and this year for some reason we did a males VS females instead of our traditional aunts/uncles VS crazy cousins.  i don't know why we don't set up a special camera and background and use ONE CAMERA!  this ends up being such a  stressful experience as each photo is shot by 10 different cameras so that nobody is ever looking the same way and there are always people blinking or not ready.  next year, i'll take care of it for sure...

kev and i stayed up til 2am last night getting last minute gifts done and trying to clean up the house so that we wouldn't have to wake up to a huge mess on christmas morning.  small mess ok, big mess not cool.  to my surprise this morning, kevin's "santa" gift to moses ended up being 6-8 cars!  i thought he had only purchased 4!  i was very amused by this because although a few were ones moses knew of, the rest were all the retro cars that were obviously bought to satisfy kevin's love for vintage cars hahaha.  some photos from christmas morning.  sad.  no tree photos.

we spent pretty much the entire day at kev's parent's house, coming home for a few hours so that chloe could nap.  she slept at nearly 11:30pm last night and at 9:15pm this morning she was still asleep when i crawled into her crib waiting for her to wake up :P

merry christmas hug :)

stockings all lined up filled with goodies!

chloe in the bathroom, retrieving stacking blocks from the tub

an O'Briens sisters creation: zombie marshmallow men tearing down gingerbread house
please notice the serving bowl lined with gummy bear heads and the pile of bodies off to the side
of the broken house

the boys

Andie got an elephant whom was named Eugene
he is using the potty here...
moses took a turn helping Eugene and even pushed his finger into Eugene's crotch
where Eugene's penis should be hahahaha
(some of you may have noticed Eugene is the same make of Momo's Carl Crocodile)

Andie loved the trike yay!

taking photos at christmas time WITH KIDS is the equivalent of taking photos at a wedding WITH KIDS.  i hardly got any photos and the ones we managed to get were blurry or poorly composed or total non-events.  frustrating.

we got a huge slough of gifts despite implementing secret santa rules.  everything was fantastic.  i think there was one single gift out of everything that was questionable and i can not even think of.. oh wait yes i remember what it was LOL.  yes, everything except a set of van gogh mugs, was terrific!  here are a few honourable mentions IMO:

1.  my sister brought a handful of hand me down long sleeved sweaters since i own nothing but short sleeved shirts after two consecutive pregnancies.  ok i own ONE long sleeve...

2.  i love this christmas card that kevin's sister Shannan drew.  detail

3 & 4. Mini/Portable cutting matt (mine is 2 by 3 feet...) & bone folder for folding cards!  Stocking stuffer

5. STUCK by Oliver Jeffers - kevin's mom grabbed it for Moses' stocking

6. Another awesome stocking stuffer. BAMBOO TWIST Super Absorbant Hair Wrap

7. CANABIS CANDLE!!!!!  from my sister

8. the HOLY GRAIL of desserts, my cousin Lauren's pumpkin cake with dulce de leche

9. stocking stuffer wind up toys!  everyone got one of these crazy little toys and i just can not get over them!  they are so simple but so enjoyable.  i think it's because they have a vintage feel about them with the wind up/pull back function.  the one on the left is a pull back beetle and the other is a "zamboni" (it isn't really a zamboni but i can never remember what it's actually called...).  

the "zamboni" is awesome because it has a front wheel that is horizontal placed with a pivot so that whenever it approaches a dip, the wheel turns and it makes it seems like the zamboni can tell it's going to go over and turns the other way!

10. sweet ass mini moccasins for chlo chlo from kevin's sisters

11. mini typewriter stamp kit!  i have a larger set i've been using the last few years, this is a great option for things that are smaller scale...  LIKE BUTTONS

12. POCKET KITE!  contained in this tiny little puck sized case is a portable kite!  whether or not the kite works well matters not to me, i just absolutely love the novelty and originality.

13. crazy socks for chlo chlo from my cousin char

this list does not mean i did not like your gifts.  everything was so exceptional this year, but it would be a pretty boring (more boring than usual?) post if i just posted EVERYTHING except the gorgeous mugs.

my sister bought moses a Lightning McQueen beginner bike with training wheels only to be sorely disappointed that he didn't really care.  his favourite gifts are this Cars set from my brother that he so badly begged us for at Superstore and a bulldozer from my aunt which we forgot.  both of them got just a tonne of clothing and toys.  

kevin's parents bought so much stuff for everyone, including Apple TV for kevin!  i got a new robe since i left mine at the hospital when chloe was born.  this one is so soft and plush and chloe sucks on it like it's one of her blankets hahaha

we had two relatives donate a large amount to our family which was super unexpected.  we are beyond grateful.

it was a really wonderful christmas.  we are so lucky to have such great friends and family.  a huge huge thank you to everyone for all the gifts and to everyone who has helped us this past year.  it's been a rough year financially as well as adjusting to having two little ones so close in age.  we can not thank everyone enough for the food, the company, the support, the babysitting, the kind words and warm shoulder, the time and effort that has been so generously bestowed upon us.  

with all the generosity that has been shown to us, we do hope that you will call on us for any favours or help.  at this time, we will probably  have to take out a line of credit or loan to pay off our upcoming mortgage fees and car insurances, so we can only really repay your kindness with good deeds - though we would prefer to treat you to a delicious dinner!  we really hope we will be in a place of financial comfort one day so that we will be able to return the kindness that has been shown to us.

we love you all and can not thank you enough for everything.

merry christmas


  1. Woman, that was a beautiful post. U always put so much detail in all ur posts. ;) the canabis candle looks yummy and the mocs are to die for. Glad u like the pocket kite! Maybe in the spring time momo will be more interested!
    Also glad u got some rest at kev's parents place. It looks all comfy cozy there. Xoxo.


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