slothly photo updates

gah.  i keep hoping i'll have time to do an updates page, but alas i'm just going to slap some photos together for now and just continue to scribble down notes of what they are doing until i get a chance...

visits with Néné...

chloe trying on new swag...

day before coco's party, moses takes kevin's empty camera
and pretends to take photos of all klf's "bushes"

day after the party, we attempt to put up our christmas tree
one of the strands of lights is broken so we couldn't finish...
(it's still not done... maybe we'll wait til christmas to do it together?)

moses' racing around the kitchen table with tinsel

big blue balls

tinsel foot!

tinsel attack!

sometimes kev and i manage to take photos together

moses is obsessed with watching The Grinch and i love it
wtf kind of pose is this moses???

my mom with coco

kevin has become completely enamoured with chloe as she has
entered toddler stage

we  (kev moses and i) got our hair did!
thanks to my good friend Jade for being so patient and doing such a fab job  :)

saturday morning with the butts

moses advertising my xmas buttons

moses sticking Carl (the crocodile) in the tree

we found out yesterday that chloe is allergic to peanut butter  :(
she had redness around her mouth and hands and had a few hives

moses is such a boy


moses combing Pinkie Pie's luscious locks...

chloe combing Rainbow Dash!

and now it's 1:30am and i have to make it to art class in vancouver for 10am


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