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i have a few extras that i forgot to mention for Moses.
we have to be super careful about what we say, because it seems as though he only needs to hear it once for him to repeat it.  another one of his priceless sayings when he gets in trouble is


which really blows us away considering that is something we definitely have never said.  how is it that at 2.5 years, he already feels this way and is able to express this?  i totally remember the feeling of being upset for getting in trouble, thinking how unfair the situation was and feeling that i would be better off on my own.

on the topic of moses only needing to hear something once before absorbing it and whipping it right back at you is how ironic it is since the main issue i am having with him right now is that he DOES NOT LISTEN.  he outright ignores warnings.  i will repeat something 3 times and he will act like i am not saying ANYTHING and continue on with whatever inappropriate behaviour or unpleasant act.  it is driving me so crazy that i have ended up asking him if he is deaf or asking him to tell me what i just said.  i am so tired of fitting more and more into the parental cookie cutter shape in terms of checking off all the typical things that parents say to their kids.  of course, when i finally raise my voice or give him a yank to snap him out of his bubble world, he has a total meltdown.  he will run away and hide, put his head in his hands/arms, or if i pull him into a hug to talk to him calmly he starts to freak out and break out of my hold.  he refuses to be lectured about his behaviour.  it is extremely frustrating.  AS IF I EVEN WANT TO WASTE MY TIME LECTURING HIM!  it's not as if he even cares or listens, but if i do not explain how his actions are inappropriate i am not being diligent!  if i don't do it, it may make him think his actions are ok.  sometimes when i see him doing something in the corner of my eye, i'll pretend i don't see it just so i don't have to say anything.

on the flip side of his horribleness, he still comes into our room every night.  i have to say, it is one of the rare times these days that i enjoy his company.  i actually look forward to his arrival, so that i can snuggle him and be reminded that i love him hahahaaha.

chloe chloe chloe my little tiny bear.  right now, i'm pretty sure it seems i have favourites.  this is untrue.  it is not that i love either one of them better than the other, but right now, Moses is way more trouble than he is pleasant even in all his progress.  i know that when chloe is 2.5 i am probably going to want to punt her out the window as well.  and who knows what kind of crazy female toddler insanity awaits me.  perhaps i will be praying that it were moses again instead!

chloe's teeth have been coming in ERRATICALLY!  she had i think 6 for a while and then i guess in the past month or so she has had another 4 come in.  the first 6 were all the front centre teeth.  but now she has 2 more teeth flanking the bottom centres and one molar on her left side that has come out.  i am so thankful that teething seems to a non-event with her.

she made her first step the other week and TODAY she actually took 3 steps!  they were not consecutive Left-Right-Left-Right-Left-Right, but Right-Together-Right-Together-Right-Together!  she seemed pretty stoked with herself.

she is a super happy baby and she is loving all kinds of music.  she sits on her knees and bounces up and down and claps and waves her arms around.  she tries to do the actions for songs that have them.

she sometimes goes into a downward dog position before rolling over, which she seems to still enjoy doing.  she - and moses - love being thrown into the puffy blankets and pillows on our bed.  she really loves peek-a-boo and will cover her face and pop it out a bunch of times, laughing at whomever is entertaining her.

she really enjoys texture books which is something that moses did not really care for.  she also is actually quite into clothes!  she enjoys the textures of certain fabrics or the gritty feel of shirts with sparkles on them.  when she receives new items of clothing, i show them to her and a huge grin spread across her face before she grabs it and goes in for a textural experience.  sometimes she pats her chest after she has a new shirt/dress.  it's really adorable that she seems to be into clothes at one year.  i think we are going to have a lot of fun  :)

she understands when i ask her to turn on/off the lights and is often successful and doing so.  sometimes when i am holding her and she sees the switches she starts reaching for them and making demanding grunts for me to bring her over to them.  she understands bottle and will calm down if i sit her on the couch and tell her i am getting one for her.  she understands EAT and DRINK and has begun signing for both.  she eats independently with her hands (although things like rice often call for assistance) and has begun to use a fork.  she does a pretty good job stabbing and concentrates rather patiently.  she takes her time and doesn't freak out and just uses her hands after too many fruitless attempts.

we just discovered that she is allergic to peanut butter.  i gave her toast with the thinness layer of pb scraped across and the reaction come on quite fast.  her face and hands became red and she had a few hives.  sigh, so now i am the parent with the pb kid.  i'm concerned bc i heard from the StrongStart program teacher that the first reaction is usually the most mild and gets worse with subsequent reactions.  i really hope that i don't have to have epipens  :(  her check up is coming up this week so i'll have to talk with her doctor...

she still has eczema although it seems to be better.  i don't usually bother slathering her unless she happens to have had an instance of rigorous scratching in one area.  sigh.  i knew from the beginning when she went through those few months of cradle cap and whatever it was she had, that she was going to have some allergies.  :(

i don't know why she is obsessed with going into bathrooms and it drives me crazy.  she does also really enjoy showers and baths, she seems to be a total water baby which surprises me since we rarely did baths with her.  she is also unphased by having the shower in her face.  she will move it away but she doesn't freak out about it.

she is also at the stage of constantly invading the kitchen and opening every door and drawer and pulling things out. at home and at my in-laws.  no i haven't bought the childproof locks, i still just use elastics....

as she has arrived at the doors of toddler-hood, she has begun to react when something has been taken away from her.  not just with me, but when big brother moses takes something away from her.  she has begun to do the dreaded ARCHED BACK.  she stands her ground and doesn't go without a fight.... or a shrill scream.  their relationship is good on the whole.  it is hard for moses to have to be told to share ALL THE TIME because he shouldn't have to ALL THE TIME.  they have their spats and he still will beat on her, oblivious to the consequences of his actions, but they also make one another laugh more and more.  sometimes if they are doing something inappropriate but they are laughing together, i will let it go for the sake of bonding.  he does show kindness towards her, giving her things occasionally without be told or forced to do so.

the end.
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