year one stats

my mom woke me up this morning calling at 8:30am.  thank goodness she called, we may have slept in until 9:30am with only a half hour to get everyone up, fed, cleaned, dressed, and strapped into the car.  and thank goodness i woke up with flat bangs instead of Something About Mary Bangs.

i love how happy chloe is every morning, just quietly rolling around in her crib waiting for me to come get her.  i can hear her ears perk up when she hears my approaching footsteps and when i peek from behind the door, i can see her entire face light up; her eyes are squinty from smiling and her mouth reaches ear to ear with her crazy little teeth  peering out.  she grabs and pulls herself up with the bars and does some bounces, she grabs one of her blankets and starts sending it over the rail, she flops down and rolls around kicking her legs with excitement to see me.  it's simply the best "good morning".  sadly, i don't have memories of moses at this age, but i DO remember that he WAS like this at this age, pleasant and super playful and affectionate.  it is part of my knowledge but no longer part of my visual memory.  this was my favourite age with moses.

chloe doesn't seem to really like scrambly eggs.  she had just the yolks until a few weeks prior to her birthday and she seemed to eat them then.  she ate all her toast, but soaked her eggs with the water from her sippy cup so that even i didn't want to eat them.  sigh.  AND I EVEN SPENT THE EXTRA $$$ ON THE OMEGA 3 ONES.

moses was dressed super cute today.  his hair is gorgeous, i love how the colour seems to have endless subtle shade changes.  i love the waves and gentle curls.  jade does such a bomb job cutting his hair.  i am having such a hard time remembering that he ever used to be tiny as chloe and tinier.  he's such a little/big boy now, running around in his big boy clothes and penguin backpack filled with his favourite things.

i gave him a bunch of yummy trail mix my mom bought us for christmas (blueberries, yogurt drops, cashews and almonds) in his travel bowl.

NEW MOMS BUY THIS  ( i got mine at superstore for $5)
it is awesome, they can stick their hand in/out but if it tips over, everything stays contained.
and yes, you too will buy Goldfish against your will after they discover other kids eat them and that they won't settle for your stupid organic low sodium version...

chloe of course was begging him with her pissed off whines to share.  as annoying as it was to hear chloe spazzing every 20 seconds throughout the 35 minute drive, i was thoroughly amused by moses' constant sighs of having to constantly be the demi-parents and feed chloe.  sometimes he would ignore her until i would threaten to take it away.  hahahha, i rule.

it was nice to reschedule her appointment between christmas and new year because the roads are empty and parking plentiful.  there were hardly any appointments so we got let in fairly fast.  apparently one of the girls left which made me sad.  she was always a familiar face from when i first found out i was pregnant with moses.

chloe was so well behaved and sweet.  she wasn't weirded out about the unfamiliar environment.  she just happily laid on the bed after i stripped her down for weighing and measuring.  


                              Moses                    Chloe
Weight                  25lbs                      21lbs 12.5oz
Height                  79cm                      73cm
Head                    49cm                      47cm       

regarding her peanut butter reaction, the doctor actually said that since it was a mild reaction to ingestion, chloe should be fine and will likely grow out of the allergy.  crossed fingers!  in the meantime, kevin found this soy version which he actually got to taste and reported was actually really good.

100% Peanut Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Egg Free!
7g Soy Protein per 32g serving (complete protein source)
1200mg OMEGA-3
4g fiber
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives
0 Trans Fat

the only surprise was that her eczema spots are actually not eczema!  the doctor pointed out that because they spots were less patchy and had more of a circular outline/ring that she had some sort of fungal skin issue!  SAD.  there is no cause which makes sense since none of us have it and we are in constant physical contact with her.  anyway, we've got some antibiotics now.

GAH just went googling "fungal" skin infections and came to ringworm/tinea which looks probable but there is also something called nummular eczema which i am wondering if it's what she might actually have because it says it's caused from allergies...  I DON"T KNNOW.  now i'm frustrated.


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