while doing some clean up around the house, i found this little sailor suit hand me down and decided to try it on for size on chloe.  it fits her perfectly.  moses got super jealous and demanded i take off his clothes and give him a new outfit too.  the next item on the pile was this AA tank top i bought right after i had moses.  i threw it on him as a joke but he loved it!  he was stoked that he was given the opportunity to wear a dress since only chloe ever gets to wear dresses.  fair is fair!  especially when you are 2!  he ran and got his new hat aka the vegetable basket for his cloth kitchen food.  he's been wearing it almost everyday for the past week now.  and chloe just happens to fit the fruit basket hat perfectly!  so here are my two basket case children in a crazy little photo op.

moses did something to chloe and got in trouble.  this is moses pretending if he can't see you then you can't see him and all the shame and frustration he is feeling for getting in trouble.

some videos!

this is chloe's favourite thing to do these days
she understands when i say "chloe, slide down the chair!"

moses and chloe sibling interaction
they are getting better at playing together or rather moses has reevaluated her worth and is more accepting of her existence now that she is capable of being silly and playing with things.

my mom bought moses this awesome Doggy Bank

in this video, moses wears the vegetable basket for the first time
i was unaware until my mom came for this visit that he was actually fully capable of
playing catch as long as the object is really large

he also starts testing my mom by saying FWUCK!
he likes to say PUCK and SHUCK and words that rhyme with FUCK
as a way of testing if he will get in trouble or not.

i just like his crazy laugh in this vid


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