FAB FASHION FRIDAY: the girl next door goes to the record store

this friday is brought to you by two of my new favourite labels:
paired with never-ending love for oxford shoes.

started off looking for sheer collared tops and after falling in love with the purple and having a hard time finding other similar tops, i searched by the brand (MTWTFSS) and instantly fell in love with the entire line, girls and guys. i love how burnt out tops have turned to full on sheer. if only i didn't have ginormous boobs that have been sucked on by two kids, i would totally be going braless this summer!

 initially was thinking of the dressier shorts, but got completely dissuaded when the dirty hobag in me stumbled upon the ripped up studded shorts from runwaydreamz. gotta love the names, pretty much all my favourites when coming up with girl names for Chloe: Stella, Gwen, Scarlette, Harlow, Sofia, Jett, Liv, Lexa.... hahaha it just so happens the ones on the right are COCO. LOVE.
the girl next door goes to the record store

MTWTFSS Weekday button up blouse
€40 - weekday.com

MTWTFSS Weekday pink top
€30 - weekday.com

MTWTFSS Weekday orange top
€12 - weekday.com

Repetto leather oxford
$470 - kirnazabete.com

SchoShoes Milano snakeskin shoes
€429 - veryeickhoff.com

SchoShoes Milano snakeskin shoes
€429 - veryeickhoff.com

Hush Puppies boho shoes
$140 - zappos.com

Chanel logos jewelry
€1.289 - lindestore.com



  1. I luv the sheer tops too. BCBG have beautiful neon colours for spring. The leopard repetto loafers are awesome. I found a cheap pair by steve madden!


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