Homemade Nutella Spread

Sometimes people look at me like i'm a battered wife.  I have to explain to them that pinching myself isn't enough when i think i'm dreaming this little face belongs to my child, and that i have to beat my face against  a doorknob to make sure that i am in fact fully awake, alive and most importantly that I actually have full access to smother this face with kisses!!!!  
Her hair is all curly from sleeping with it tied in a bun  :)

so, i've been on a mini roll lately with the cooking.  i don't want to give myself too much credit in case i fall off the horse in a few days and join the rest of humanity in chucking their resolutions into the trash.  i am, however, feeling quietly excited about my small culinary feats.  nothing crazy or complicated, just some basic stuff.  the hardest part is the initial 10 minutes where both kids hound, attack and badger me with demands and cries in the kitchen.  once they get bored from being ignored and venture out into the living room, i am able to get through whatever it is i am making.

i apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.  my kitchen has no windows and the light is dimmer than we would like.  i don't have white countertops and even if we did, you probably couldn't see them for the mass of stuff that continues to breed like rabbits across every square inch of space...

last night i made another batch of kale chips and Avocado Chocolate Mousse.

mmmm  CRISP!
seriously!  chips are like $2.50 a bag, and a bunch of kale is $1.50!
crispy, salty and sooooooo good for you

4-5 ripe avocados ( i used 4)
i also don't scoop them out like a normal person, i halve them and then squeeze them out
of their shells... sort of like a pre-mashing technique?  kevin says i'm special.

2 bulk section scoops of pitted dates
chop them up until they look like minced bacon hahaha
(god can you imagine if i had a food blog???  ridiculous)

mix the bacon-dates into the avocado...

the recipe calls for 1 cup of cocoa powder and 1 cup of carob powder
i just use 1 cup of cocoa powder but feel free to add as you please
add a few generous pours of Agave syrup to taste!

i also bought ingredients to try out a new strawberry-cucumber smoothie 
that i found through joy the baker.  

the two came together BEAUTIFULLY this morning as moses and i enjoyed breakfast, one on one, while chloe and kevin were sleeping.  we were up early to make it to his first gymnastics class.

so stoked that i thought about spreading the avocado "mousse" on toast!  if anything, the texture is so much more of a spread rather than a mousse.  it's thick and...  well, spreadable.  seriously, this is the ultimate Nutella replacement for kids and adults alike!  it has the chocolate flavour and the sweetness without the first ingredient being SUGAR.  WAY healthier and it's VEGAN too!  

they tasted super yummy with the raspberries!  (moses agrees)

it seems chloe and i are the only fans of the smoothie which doesn't surprise me.  it is a very unusual taste.  if you like it you love it and if you don't, you don't!  half a long english duke, 1.5 cup of frozen strawberries, and 2 cups of almond milk.  i don't know what kind of almond milk she used, but i did half Almond Breeze Unsweetend and half Almond Breeze Vanilla.  OH, plus 2tbsp honey.  

it was such a treat to spend one on one time with moses this morning.  we were talking in hushed voices so we could have the morning just to ourselves.  it's such a challenge to juggle two personalities, two ages with different needs and demands.  it was so nice to be able to just focus my energy on him, to get ready together, to walk down the quiet hallway and drive together.  everything felt so much more relaxed compared to the frenzy of hair, arms and legs and competing voices.

here is a photo of the chalkboard i picked up for $2 last week.  and here is moses doing a nose-picking pose.  this photo shows what our current TIME OUTS have become.  moses has been able to identify numbers 1-10 for quite a long time now, so i thought it would be good to write out numbers 11-20 (since he can now count up to 20) and have him learn the numbers as he counts to 20 when given a TIME OUT.

so far so good

first of all, it distracts from the fact that
a) he is in trouble   b) i am angry as fuck

and second,  he is learning his numbers


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