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today we went to kevin's paternal grandparent's lovely rancher home on English Bluff to celebrate his Granddad's 85th birthday.  i made this card for him.  i  am excited to be quilling again.

it's been difficult to get the creative ball rolling after the holidays, and it was the best way to get going.  i have been inspired by this couple ever since i met them 12 years ago!  i think i was 17?  i remember my mom being so cold and rude to them when they called her to invite me to their 50th wedding anniversary when she didn't like kevin, but now that she loves kevin, she raves about these two lovebirds.  they are truly the most kind, fun-loving, warm and joyful people i have ever met.  i am so glad that Moses has such a great relationship with them now and will be able to have fond memories of them.  he specifically will request we visit them, especially when i happen to be driving in the vicinity.

my cousin-in-law Selby made this SuperSenior cape for a present!

Selby's daughter Grace helping blow out the candles

Grandad Bill with his great-grandchildren... except Grace who wanted to hide under the table!

Great Nana Mary, makes the most delicious Yorkshire puddings (being from Yorkshire and all...) as well as the most perfect homemade raisin scones you will ever sink your teeth into.  i love going over for tea because they do it proper and the perfect scones with the perfect tea with the perfect couple and the perfect view overlooking the water from the bluff???? UGGGHH it's heaven on earth!  she made the scones today and i ate two and brought two more home.  oink oink.
kevin' mom gave us some Udi's pizza shells.  i am so thankful for her generosity as this brand is on the pricey end of the spectrum.  it is hard finding gluten-free products that are actually a complete pleasure to experience.  some products will have flavour but crumbly texture, or great texture but a bitterly plain taste.  Udi's seems to have found the perfect balance of both worlds.  i think having had to incorporate more gluten free items into my diet has expanded my eating experience.  

just because something is not the same, and can not be replicated to be exactly the same, it doesn't mean that an alternative version can't be absolutely delectable in it's own right.  like the chocomole instead of Nutella!  no, it doesn't have that super sweet and smooth processed deliciousness we have grown up with, but it has an equally wonderful taste, much more character and texture and there is something to be said for something healthy to taste so amazing!  the Udi's pizza shell is not a thick "gooey" aka gluten-y softness found in your usual take-out or pizza by the slice, it is a thinner shell with less chew and a little more snap.  kind of like a baked cracker.  anyway, the pizza was yummy.  kev picked up some organic tomato sauces from Costco last week, we grabbed some meatballs from the lunch today, and had canned pineapples.  semi ghetto fab.  there was miraculously no coaxing or bartering with moses to eat...


after our early dinner, we set off to Superstore to waste time until bedtime.  apparently there were a lot of other parents with the same idea hahahha.  omg,  i don't know if it was new or if i have just been so oblivious for a while, but they had a bunch of new kiosks and displays for the JoeFresh brand, for make up and beauty products!!!!  i had 5 nail polish colours in my hands and kept trying to seek out new ones and decide which ones i REALLY wanted.  i amazingly allowed myself ONE.  i couldn't justify buying the 3 for $10 when me wearing nail polish is as stupid as wearing a white silk shirt everyday.  

honestly, the excuse to go there was to buy shaving cream.  yeah i could have bought it at Shoppers but it is more expensive, i know i know FALSE ECONOMY, having to pay for gas blah blah blah...  i ended up carrying chloe around the beauty bar but she didn't seem to mind at all.  in fact, she just keeps confirming over and over that she loves fashion.  once we finally made it out of the cosmetics section and grabbed my NO NAME brand of pit hair cream, i b-lined for the kids clothing on the prowl for some new chloe footwear. i of course got distracted by the CLEARANCE rack.  all the shoes i liked were not in her size.  the baby section had sizes 1-4 and the toddler section had sizes 6+, and chloe is a size 5!!!!  so no shoes.  instead, i got suckered in and bought her a pair of jeans and a shirt from the clearance for $5 and $10.  it shames me to feel like those are still more than i should be paying, that i should have just left them, but i live vicariously through my children now.  


Glory Days
1. blissfully ignorant made up eyes
2. skin retains strange lively almost vivacious glow
3. zero excess skin and fat deposits
4. breasts do not overwhelm photograph

my sister just sent me this photo with the subject line "No More Than 70lbs".  i absolutely can not believe i used to look like this.  this LA visit was some time after Spring 2007 because she gave me that gold Tiffany's bean necklace when i graduated from Emily Carr.  i can't remember what this restaurant is called, but i think this was when we ate vegan chicken wings off of pretend bones.  i recall them being too spicy.

can't wait to watch Gossip Girl tomorrow night.


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