uninterrupted bms and new photos

how old will they be when i finally get to shit in peace?  no more sneaking to the bathroom.  no more sneaking to the bathroom and peeing like a race horse as the pitter patter of little feet/hands & knees grow closer and closer?  no more "mommy?!  mommy, where are you??  mommy?!!!!  MOMMY!!!!!..."  no more staring at moses' face as he tells me to put my penis down.  no more sticking out my leg to keep chloe from climbing up the toilet.  YES, i know i could close the effing door, but you think that keeps it quieter?  YES, sometimes i would rather stare at moses' face and have my leg barring chloe than have them both banging and crying on a closed door.

anyway.  some photos and some updates.

moses has been playing with these old school animal dominoes.
i bought them a while ago from the thrift shop, but didn't know when he'd be interested.
he is interested.  it is our special game that we play together when chloe is asleep  :)

this is moses with matt.  matt is a dreamboat, a sweetheart and a badass tattooist.
oh, and he was totally amazing with the kids.

as you can see in the background, he downloaded CARS on the computer prior to our arrival.
and in the foreground, he and moses are having a.... BALL!

LOL  what a bro!
moses sleeping in our bed.  usually i would be more adamant about this sort of thing, but with my constant fear of them growing too fast, i'll hold onto this habit.  i actually seem to fall asleep easier when moses is in bed with me... so on the nights where i am sleeping late, i often lie in bed hoping he'll wake up and pitter patter over with his big chub chub feet.

kevin mocking moses

i am going to be very sad the day this jacket no longer fits... or the weather is too warm!
Gap puffa jacket

wonton heads

tonight's bathtime.  
moses decided to pull my boobs while asking me what they were.
i tried to be serious and direct when asking him to not touch me but i kept bursting out laughing instead.
also, at one point moses was in my lap and kicking, so i locked my arms under his knees to stop him, exposing his balls and chloe went and grabbed them hahahha.

3 babes

2 babes

nothing beats these kisses
look at the passion locked in her arm!


a few updates


1.  picking up more and more language.  has started to incorporate actually, quite, and rather into his sentences.  i enjoy the experimentation.  last month when he drove out to west van, kevin commented "...those trains are quite small" to which moses replied "no, they are quite big!" which cracked us up.

when he uses the wrong tenses, i don't stop and correct him and make it obvious that he is wrong.  instead i casually confirm his statement in a positive tone using the correct word/tense.  his pronunciation has improved a lot.  he is coming up with better story lines when pretend playing, ideas are more detailed.  

he is going through a funny stage right now where his voice goes up an octave at the end of a statement or question.  i can't decide if it is just a weird phase or if he is just exaggerating the tone of asking a question.  it sounds like he is being silly and putting on a weird voice because his eyes go really big too. 

2.  potty training is excellent.  we are all but there, save the night time diapers!  sometimes i remember to ask him to take off his diaper in the morning, sometimes i don't.  sometimes it's laziness, sometimes i just forget or am too distracted.  sometimes he is lazy and pees/poos, sometimes he takes the initiative and changes from diaper to underwear himself.  i think the biggest hurdle was a few weeks ago when he told me he had to pee in the bookstore but the women's washroom was Out of Order!  i ran in and grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and stuffed it in his underwear.  i asked him to hold it but if he peed it would still be ok.  we walked to the car, got strapped in, drove 30 minutes, elevatored up and down the hall, took off shoes and jackets, and he was DRY!!!!!  he's been getting really really good at staying dry when we are out, and tells me if he has to go.  sometimes he says he has to pee and sometimes he says "I'M PEEING!/I'M POOING!" but he isn't really, he just says it when he gets the feeling.  

now this is hilarious...  it has happened about a handful of times now after pooing in the potty that moses will get up, turn around to check it out, and basically do an Rorschach (inkblot) test with his excrement.  the first time he did this, he yelled out "it's a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!".  subsequent pooblots include train tracks, a snail, and Cranky the crane from Thomas and Friends.

i never thought i would get here, but here we are!  i keep trying to remind other moms who have not yet taken the full plunge to not be disappointed nor to get discouraged because it can seriously be a drawn out milestone.  sometimes it's 2 steps fowrad, 1 step back, sometimes 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  it varies according to their mood and our mood and consistency.  it requires repetition no matter how fruitless it may seem.  you just have to keep on doing it, make it a routine and not get upset when mistakes happen.  mistakes ARE going to happen!  some kids are more aware of their bodies.  even as an adult, i have often thought how inconvenient it is to have to go to the toilet rather than sit and shit myself and have someone clean me up.  

it will happen.  just like sleeping through the night.  it will happen.  it seems like it will never end, but they will obviously grow up to be potty trained adults!

3.  as a creative person, i have slacked in encouraging moses artistic abilities and need to do more of this during our one-on-one times.  i was amazed at hanna's drawings when i visited last week!  it is very true, you can not compare your children because they are all different.  they have different strengths and different interests.  moses is great specially and visually.  ethan excels with language and critical thinking.  hanna with art and drawing.  koa with his musical ability to sit and play for long periods of time.  i feel like chloe is going to be very active since she is a non-stop busy body and loves climbing on everything, completely fearless!

4.  i have been pretty good with compartmentalizing chloe's nap time with equal part mom-momo time and cleaning up the home.  one of the things i have been focusing on while spending time with moses was inspired by an article i read in one of the free local parenting rags.  this one spoke about the issue of praising children and that we shouldn't necessarily just be praising their results, but also praise their process!  yes, when they achieve something it is great to say "good job!" but we should also be encouraging of the process and point out the feelings of joy they feel while practicing new things.  it's aimed at older children in school who may develop anxiety over the misbelief that their parents' love is conditional, but i thought i may as well get myself into the mindset and encourage it now.

1.  ok so chloe is basically a tiny machine gun that rat-tat-tats my heart day in and day out.  and why wouldn't she???  this is THE BEST age to have a kid!  they are just starting to toddle and show their true colours, starting to show you the sponge that is their brain and that that cogs are turning.  last week when i was putting her down to bed, she sat up in bed with her favourite blankie (she has two but they may as well be the same one since she has no preference) did her funny open-and-close hand wave and said "bah bah" in her little chloe voice.  she was saying bye bye.  this is exactly what moses used to do.  i died.  and now i anticipate whether or not she'll do it whenever i put her down for naps/bedtime.  it is disgusting.

i keep meaning to get video of her when i come into her room in the morning.  it is just totally the best part of my day to go in and see that huge grin slapped on her face as she bounces excitedly, waiting for me to pick her up.  seriously, right now, that bedroom is a baby bakery.  you open the door and it is like someone hot boxed it with baby smell.  last night was a rare occasion where chloe had brought and forgotten her blanket into our room - these days, she pulls them out from between her crib bars and carries/drags them all over the house.  i pick them up and put them back and again and again 5 times a day - no, i didn't get up and bring it to her room... she had her other one!  i wrapped it around my face and went into a cococoma, taking hit after heavenly hit of her baby smell.

i think moses was mad when he came in the middle of the night and saw me totally strangled by this polka -dot blanket.  oh well.

2.  she is understanding so much more of what i say.  she understands "put it back" because she will not just drop it, she will return it to where she found the coveted item.  she understands "shoes" and "jackets" means time to get ready and go.  and once i am carrying her down the hall, she wiggles around laughing.  i guess she likes to go out!  the past few days i have started to get her to walk down to the car.  sometimes she will stumble drunkenly down the hall, but sometimes she will hold my hand and sometimes i barf because it is so adorable.  the worst was when i held her hand and moses wanted to help so he held her other hand and the 3 of us walked down the hallway.  

also, i think she really likes dogs.  i also think DOG is her first word other tham mama dada and bah bah used interchangeably for bottle and bye bye

3.  chloe is adventurous.  she is not as conscientious as moses.  she is brave and climbs up anything.  she also has jumped off from her change table a couple of times.  she is not easily discouraged.  

4.  she still is an eating machine although the other night when ethan and michelle were over, FOR THE FIRST TIME, she didn't eat her dinner.  she spat it out.  she didn't like it.  i didn't know what to do.  up until that moment, she inhaled anything close to her mouth.  it begins!  

104am.  perfect timing.  exhausted.


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