winter weekend

the cold weather seems to have arrived, finally after all the talk of a cold winter and weeks with sun instead of rain, the house (hahah the house, who am i kidding...) itself has been its coldest since last winter.  it snowed last night!  and stayed!  it snowed friday night but was nowhere to be found the next morning.  we've been bundling ourselves up, the kids have stayed warm thanks to my sister.  she bought them fleece lined pants and super warm cozy coats.  seriously, though, i need to learn how to sew or knit because NOBODY makes cute scarves for kids!

anyway.  the weekend started on a high note!  my mom came in the afternoon and "helped take care of the kids for me" although i know its really "to see my favourite two people in the entire world and feed them fruits til they shit all over the house".  she is so cute and crazy with them.  my mom is a very conservative lady until it comes to moses and chloe.  once she sees them, all sense of contained emotion goes out the window and she is dancing and singing and laughing like she has just won the lottery.

so, i went for a walk.  i checked out the thrift store for puzzles since mosese has been super into the giant one he got for christmas.  it's probably about 30 pieces and it is has all the characters from the CARS movie.  it's a really great piece because it has a bunch of long shiny pieces that create a frame around the centre image, and the frame has 4 different sections divided by colour.  this allows him to organize everything by colour and then put them together by matching the different cars together.

I hate carob so i planned to use 2 cups of cocoa powder but as i was intercepted by my know-it-all husband, he took over after i had not chopped the dates to his satisfaction and ended up just putting in 2/3 cup of cocoa before giving it a taste.  with 2/3 cup of cocoa instead of 2 cups, it was already delicious.  mind you, we used 4 smaller avocados.

we had plans to go swimming with the Stones (Nicole, Baby Rooke and Dadddy Brock) and watch Disney's Tangled with snacks at their place.  for the first time in a year, i managed to bring something to someone's house, and it felt good.  i finally feel like i am getting to a place where things are more manageable.  i have felt super guilty constantly showing up empty handed with my excuse of having two young ones but seriously, IT IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT!  i console many mothers at work that are completely dishevelled and ready to punch someone because their kids are going apeshit.  anyway!  i was able to bring all the mousse ingredients as well as kale for kale chips!  mmm salty vs sweet...

i was surprised at myself for going forward with this recipe, but i guess the unconventional ingredients got the better of me.  thank goodness my mom brought 4 ripe avocados since the grocery store had nothing bu rock hard ones.  it was delicious.  yes, moms, it does kind of look like the baby's poo you cleaned up this morning after breakfast, but trust me, this (vegan!) mousse is amazing.  not only could i not stop eating it, but the kids were going nuts over it!  the avo gives it the creamy texture, the dates add small chunks of natural sweetness, and the agave is the cherry on top.

i was so pleased with the kids.  after being exhausted from swimming, they were so well behaved up until 1045pm when we finally left!  they, of course passed out 2 minutes into the car, but they totally let us sit and watch a movie with little interruption!  yup.  the new friday nights, watching kid's movies with other parents!

saturday was uneventful.  kev spent the day working on a friend's vehicle so i stayed home with the kids.  walked into town to do some errands and ended up finding an IKEA easel at the thrift shop for $2!  when i went to pick it up on the way to my in-laws for saturday night dinner, i also grabbed a sweet vintage dresser, a simple 4-drawer tallboy in white.  

went to sleep "early" (1230am instead of 130am...) because i had an 8:30am all day shift.  i even decided to leave the car for kev, and walked up in the beautiful powdered snow, wishing i could afford to stay home and show chloe her first snow.  i've been feeling upset a lot this week (more inner turmoil...) and having time to think more on my walk into town did not help prepare me for the bad news that for the second time, i came in a half hour earlier than i was scheduled to work.  BALLZ.

it was a long day of back pain and mental frustration.  there is nothing wrong with working at a grocery store.  i will not judge you.  but there is something wrong with ME working at the grocery store.  it is a constant reminder to push myself more and more to be where i want to be, get where i want to get.  and as my never-ending line of customers fill entire belts lengths with their weekly grocery list, i am becoming more and more angry and resentful.  my back aches while i scan and bag a grocery list i could only dream of having.  i get angry that the organic items are double the price.  how is that fair?  it's not!  i'm just so happy that this week has had these absolutely delicious organic ambrosia apples for sale at 99cents.  i've been buying them every (other) day and the kids and i have been going to town on them.  speaking of which, if you haven't tried kale chips, 

i know they look disgusting and sound disgusting but they are surprisingly tasty not to mention they are the SIMPLEST things to make, they are dreadfully as addictive as a bag of chips, and they are packed full of iron instead of fatty fat fat fats.  they may even be cheaper than a big bag of chips...  it was $1.50 for a regular bunch, $3 for organic.

Pre-heat oven 350F
Rinse and dry kale
Cut out stalks
Rip leafs into chip sized pieces
Drizzle and toss with olive oil
Sprinkle with salt
Oven for 10-15 minutes or until crisp as helllllll

make them alone so that you don't have to share hahaha


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