both holes

Self-portrait the night before i died for the weekend.
Coconut Bliss Icecream & Coconut Bliss Icecream with the last Blood Orange San Pelle

i'm alive.  i am laughing at my end comment on my previous post about being ready for whatever the weekend had in store for me because i ended up being shackled to the couch with a stomach flu of sorts.  my last post was blindly finished through the pounding headache and weakening muscles that i tried to fight off all evening.  thank god for my mom and for your mom and for all moms.  thank god i dropped those kids off because i am a crazy person that pushes no matter how crappy i feel and i ended up on the couch watching TMZ, Pingu, a foreign film, I Love You Philip Morris!, and other things i can no longer remember.  there was barf, there was diarrhea, and at one point i almost lost my last contact lens with still no glasses to fall back on.  it was exciting.  i can't believe how much better i feel today!

we went over to Renee's last night for a small gathering for her birthday on tuesday.  YES, of course Renee was born on Valentine's Day, if anyone was going to be born on the day of love she is the obvious choice.  so disappointed that i forgot to bring my camera!!!!!  made her a birthday button and did my best to finish this quilled peacock feather for her, but alas i was unable.  pretty good considering i was just recovering...

see pauhaus for more...

i have so many updates for the kids, i'm not really sure what to do.  they are boring for everyone unless you are one of the few that babysit often, are hyper paranoid if your kid is keeping up with the Jones', or you are my sister, HA!  i'm actually considering making one of the blurb yearly calendars so that i can just jot down little things everyday, new milestones or just hilarious things they say.  

the photos would obviously have to be current ones but it would be cool to make notes
and compare how different they are from the previous year?  i don't know.


so i will throw out a few updates for now, i mean it's only 12:30am...

moses demands equality.  if chloe gets a feather in her bun, he gets two...

i have been stoked on his eagerness to spell words with blocks.
spelling funny words for him also helps spark his interest and gets him to memorize and respell them over and over while he keels over laughing.  
currently knows how to spell

he also likes to make up his own words and laughs even harder when i pronounce them

we have UP! on the PVR and he has been watching it everyday at his allotted time aka when chloe is napping and mom needs to peace out and clean the house.  this day was especially cute because we had just bought groceries at work where they give free balloons to kids.  so here he is watching UP! accompanied by two balloons.  we later tied them to the tiny doll's house we have so he could pretend it was the house in the movie.

i don't know why we didn't bring this out earlier since kevin has had this puzzle shacked up in our closet since before christmas when he got the Disney's CARS puzzle.  i've been checking the Thrift Shop weekly for puzzles but they are all 100 piece ones.  kevin picked up this adorable Crocodile Creek one that builds up as a tower of animals!  this was taken on a day i put chloe in flower shorts.  moses fought once more for equality and so i put him in a pair of my own shorts.

last week was a good week for eats prior to getting sick.  i finally caved in and bought a loaf of the Terra Breads sourdough.  it went amazingly with cold avocado and the Lemon Pepper canned tuna i decided to try after ringing through so many at work with positive comments.  we also had Carrot Ginger Coconut soup that i made the day before.  (i added a little more ground coriander and a bit of orange juice for a little more citrus flavour)


i cut a slice for moses and he told me it was a penguin.  he was correct.
then it turned into avopenguin which danced around the table until moses ate his head and feet.

other updates for my own personal noting...

the good
-growing vocab: fragile, impressed, ...  asks "what's that called?" if he doesn't know
-new fave show is WordWorld which is just EFFING AWESOME!  
-still seems to be ambidextrous, draw ins are still up/down scribbles or circles.  has been practicing doing the letter "M" for some time and is finally getting really good at it
-visually able to add/subtract small numbers (easily recognizes 1, 2, 3, working on 4)
-sings learned songs in tune rather than in monotone (not perfectly in tune but getting there)
-really good memory, enjoys reading books over and over until he can "read" it to you.  i really enjoy doing chores and being able to listen to him read a story outloud
-recognizes shapes and points them out  Example: sandwiches = diamonds/squares, cut in half they become triangles.
the bad
-everything is MOMMY DO IT!!!!!  freaks out when kev is in the car because kev usually drives and moses happens to sit behind kevin which means kevin will put him in and out of the car.  MOSES DOES NOT LIKE THIS.  he only wants ME to do it.  he is like this for showers, putting clothes on, and a bunch of other things but the car is really the most annoying.  "MOMMY DO ME!!!!!"
the awesome
"boys have penises.... girls have..... horrible penises" he said that to kevin a few weeks ago.  since then he has not repeated the "horrible penises".  he just says "boys have penises...  girls DON'T have penises"  we are almost at Kindergarten Cop!!!!
-makes up words to describe things or comes up with silly names like the "gaga milk" that we drank for a half hour yesterday
-"i love you too mommy"  "you are MY best!"

the good
-drawing: i was amazed to watch her (about a month ago?) use crayons for the first time and notice how much more deliberate her strokes are than moses'.  they seem so thoughtful and it seems quite apparent that she is going to be right-handed.
-she like finger puppets.  HOORAY!  i bought the ones from IKEA way way way way back when moses was probably younger than chloe but he was never really into them.  chloe is stoked.  she puts her fingers in herself and wiggles it around.  (also... the other day i asked her to put her finger in a loop and she did it, was pleasantly surprised at her understanding me!)
-she is signing and eager to communicate.  she signs "eat" and "please".  she used to do "please" when we asked her to do it, but now we can ask "what do you say?" and she does it.  RAD.  
-she understands so much now, it is amazeballs.  she understands and started nodding this past week.  she has just started trying to say "up" the past couple of days.
-she knows her belly and will yank up her shirt to show you.  she knows head, belly, hair, and mouth. she is learning nose and toes right now.
-she is toddling around like a drunk everywhere.  i love watching her walk around with her chub feet, chub thighs, and little butt with her belly leading.  she carries heavier objects (e.g.. wine bottles) around as she goes.
-eats like a piglet.  she is a bottomless pit.  tried and LOVES pickles yesterday.
the bad
-starting to have very female tantrums over nothing at all.  i am petrified of her as a teenager...
-climbing EVERYTHING
the awesome
-she loves clothes, shoes, accessories, and headbands.  she loves trying on her shoes that are a bit big and literally "struts" in her drunken way around the house admiring her feet.  she wears my headbands and struts as she pats it with her little hand.  she is very opinionated on what jacket she will wear.  


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