chinese new year dim sum

with two kids in tow, taking photos usually proves to be difficult.  i made a special effort to remember the camera as well as to snap a bunch of photos no matter how much i annoyed those around me.  mostly strangers and servers...

yes.  chloe is out of her infant seat and into her toddler seat.  sigh.
we switched it last week when moses peed and i had to wash his seat covers.
chloe is sitting in moses seat and moses is now using the new one that was intended for chloe.
the new one sits lower, so we figured give the lower one to the taller kid.

moany mo

happy mo

my aunt fishing out a US dollar bill for moses' McQueen wallet
so far he has a Thifty's smile card and a dead credit card with kevin's name

two idiots
my bra and me

little chloeifus

watching all the crabs and lobsters in their sad tanks

Gong Gong

chloe tried to make friends
the little girl happened to have the same puffa chloe has so it only seemed natural to strike up a conversation about the little girl's great taste in coats

nom nom nom

the inevitable chopsticks tomfoolery

moses reminds me of my brother in so many ways
so naughty and ridiculous

this picture is nuts.  
for as long as i can remember, my auntie ping would take a token photo with me and my brother whenever we went got together for dim sum or dinner.  it's surreal to see her now doing the same with my two little ones.

nom nom nom


already, chloe is planning her shoe collection
now, if only we could find some shoes in size 5!!!!

super LOL

our celebration was delayed, but we had it.  our little lunch.  our little hour of time together was had.  and it was good.  moses ran up to my GongGong repeatedly saying his version of Gung Hay Fat Choy.  the food was super delicious.  we didn't over order and go home with MSG headaches.  it was perfect.


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