gas gauge empty

it's been a gruelling time.  i've been adamantly committed to maintaining a cleaner space in our home.  it's a viscous cycle of 4 steps back and 5 punishing steps forward only to be kicked back to square one.  making my goal never lasts more than 2 hours.  i am forever and ever fighting the gang of monsters: Clutter, Diapers, Toys, Clothes, and Dishes.  these monsters run rampant all day long with no sign of retiring.  there is so much i am attempting to do.  so much on the plate and never enough time to keep up with the pace of the world, just cruising along in my little pedal car, watching the Ferraris race on by.

chloe loves butterflies

this is her change table and above is a string over butterflies

BAH!  BAH!  she calls with her little pouty mouth as i change her stinky butt.

if i'm lucky, she will purse her tiny lips together and blow at them.  kevin taught her to do that.  i tried to get a photo but she didn't feel like being a monkey for me.

she blows her food.  she "smells" flowers.
she loves butterflies, she loves the butterfly page in one of our books, she demands to wear her butterfly coat in the house even though it's still double her size, she loves playing with the butterfly finger puppet, and the best part is that she never encouraged it.  she truly likes them.  it is a heart melting moment when you find out what your child loves.  you immediately want to buy them 50 million things that are "butterflies" to make them happy.

here is the butterfly jacket.

moses continues to practice his "M".  he is doing his "O" as well but shows frustration and high expectations of himself, telling me "THAT'S not an O..." and then sort of shuffling off disheartened.  i am still very excited about his reading/spelling strength.  he recognizes words and remembers how to spell them.  i am finding it difficult to explain how letters can make more than 1 sounds because it's obviously hard to know when to use which sound.  if you haven't got a copy of Dr Seuss's Mr Brown Can Moo Can You? I suggest you find one because I have just rediscovered that Dr Seuss is a genius.  By illustrating the sound of the word (e.g.. MOO), it allows the child to recognize the letters as the sounds they are copying.  the book is fun to read and most kids will have memorized it after reading it 100 times, which helps them move onto the next step of spelling the words.

a photo of one of my favourite faces in moses' current repertoire.

the couch.
kevin forced me to write a receipt for the gentleman from whom we bought the couch when paying so that in the case that he was a dick when we came back to pick it up, we would have written proof that we gave him the cash.  i have never done this and i didn't really know what to write so i literally wrote what kevin told me to write, only to return to the car and shame my husband's choice of a wife and mother.

whatever.  i live to amuse.

some crappy shots of the couch.  i apologize.  i was super tired, it was late, and i didn't feel like rearranging the entire space to take a nice shot.  you get the idea here.

waffles, Krema lemon yogurt, and strawberries for breakfast.
ANYTHING to get him up and excited and eat fast enough for gymnastics...

this weekend was spent searching for new work pants and new work shoes aka THE LAST THING I WANT TO DO.  i have to say, it turned out FANTASTIC in the end.  i went out on my own to Grandview Corners semi-outlet mall in White Rock friday night after dinner with the fam.  i found a pair of amazing pants at Banana Republic for $40 (half off!!!!) that fit me perfectly!  i needed new pants because the GAP ones i bought back when i started shrunk and warped and the Aritzia ones i have been wearing for the past 5 months are dry-clean only and as good as i look and feel in them, i can't afford to dry clean them.  so thank you to Banana Republic for petites sections and good tailoring!  

i almost got suckered into buying the ugliest pair of chunky runners for $50 and almost did if i had not decided to persist in my search for something fairly cheap and inoffensive.  i already paid $70 for my first pair which i was told were non-slip by the retailer only to find out months later that they weren't and that non-slip shoes will have a logo on the bottom.  i found a pair of NON SLIP black on black Airwalks at Payless for $50, Chuck Taylor style so i can even wear them outside of work.  YES.

went for a walk with Michelle and Ethan and the kids to the elementary school park in Beach Grove.  it was pretty nice when we left.  the roaring wind that woke me up at 7am seemed to have gone on its way, but by the time we arrived, the sky had darkened considerably and as a few icy raindrops greeted my face, the wind went howling through the nearby trees and i told Michelle we had to go.

chloe sporting her new Fitzsimmons NATIVES!

chloe, having finally been freed from the stroller did not want to get back in so we threw moses in the stroller, had ethan ride on the board and after wrapping my frozen hands in the two new baby scarves i had brought for the kids, we raced home.  exhausted, under the weather with colds, a messy house, and kevin over at his parents, i didn't know what to do.  i wanted to stay home but didn't have the capacity to take care of the two kids on my own.  luckily, on our way to the car to join kevin, cait and fam were just coming in and invited us to join them for dinner.  SAVED.  saved saved saved.  a warm and low key dinner with great company.

sigh.  why do i do this to myself????  i don't know how i made it through an entire 8 hour shift today including 2 hours of the debit/credit card machines being down.  i truly thought i would only make it until lunch and drag my ass home.  surprisingly, it was the best i have ever felt for a sunday shift.  did not sleep this weekend.  slept with chloe for an hour (4am-5am) after going to bed at 1am on friday night, and woke up early for gymnastics at 8:45am.  up early again today after crazy saturday, extra early to walk up and let kevin have the car.... blah blah blah blah.  it's boring i know.  c'est la vie.

photos from tonight

shirtless toddlers putting blankets on kevin's belly after taking turns doing mouth farts

moses took a nap for the first time in a long time.  he woke up around 6pm so he was up well until 11pm or so.  we were relaxing and cleaning up and watching MAD MEN.  he snuck out into his doorway and snuggled up on the hard floor with his blue blanket.  i put his big fleecy blanket under him hoping he would fall asleep but he just rolled around.  i put him back into bed.

(gossip girl tomorrow!!!!!)


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