a marvelous monday

sunday nights are always a little nerve wracking for me.  saturdays are usually packed with activity and errands, sundays is the 8 hour grind only to return home exhausted and wondering what the week will bring.  how will i get through another week?  what sources of sanity can i rope in to aid in the weekly battle of young motherhood?

today was a great day.  (this of course makes me very skeptical for the rest of the week...)  it was a gorgeous sunny day which always helps, and god knows i needed it today having woke up with aching eyes and head.  positive it's from not sleeping well all weekend.  texted back and forth with cait next door in hopes of some company, but it didn't happen so i was on my own.  that was ok.

mandarins, cheese omelette, toast, & smoothies for breakfast.  clean up.  
turkey + cucumber rolly sandwiches, leftover carrot + apple soup with orzo and a little cottage cheese, and kale chips for lunch.

had wanted to go out before lunch but of course was delayed by chores so i settled with an early lunch, skipped the walk to Beach Grove and drove so we could spend more time exploring the new trails in the neighbouring mini forest.  it was an adventure!

moses brought his designated "cool finds" bag to collect sticks, rocks, etc...

chloe brought a lunch bag


chloe laughing while batting at twigs

excellent face

the kids went crazy as a lady walked by with her big shaggy dog and followed her to the open field

can you spot moses?

i have to admit i totally panicked for a while as i had never done this path and was very worried that i would start going in circles and not find the way out.  moses was happy walking through the winding path and going over the large tree roots.  i carried chloe most of the way.

back at home, chloe warmed up with some milk and went down for her nap, while moses and i set to work on a little project!

he organized his finds into groups

we counted the groups
named the groups
wrote down the groups

and used my stamp kit to have him spell out each group onto a separate piece of paper


i finally got around to cleaning the white board side of the easel and tested it out with washable felts with some more letter practice.  the bottom left scribble was mine.  he surprised me, having remembered me showing him "E" from a few days back and drew 3 "across" lines to make an "E".  he did two other ones on his own, pausing after two lines to tell me "F".

girls drawing

boys lego-ing

taking a break before story time

doing a set of 1-12 month buttons for baby Akira!!!

i told kevin to do this since he had his previous lego towers in rainbow scheme.
i didn't actually expect him to do it, but i should have known better.

it's been a long day.
right on time



  1. awhh!!! i love that idea with the nature things and naming them with the stamps.
    i would love doing that even at my age hehe.



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