nene and matt

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

i love renee and i love matt.  as the new year came and went, i did my annual soul searching through my old live journal posts.  it was surprising and yet so fitting to find that she was one of the top two people that always had encouraging words for me when i was feeling low and troubled.  pretty good considering the other person has been one of my best friends since high school, and even more impressive seeing as renee and i were not yet very close.

she is an old soul with a huge heart.  i know i can express myself in total honesty with her.  i know she will always be caring and eager to lend a hand or an ear.  i can hardly contain my happiness for her now that she has found someone so amazing that complements her in every way.  she deserves it.  they are absolutely perfect together.  he is kind, gentle, down to earth, comfortable in his own skin, creative, and fantastic with my children hee hee...

so we had them over last sunday!  i worked my full day shift, my eyes glued to the clock counting down the hours.  i drove out to pick them up at Bridgeport Station and they came over for dinner, played with the kids, watched UP!, spent the night over in the guest suite and with Renee's pounding headache aside, enjoyed a low-key monday with the kids and myself.

Story time with moses 
(btw so fantastic having matt read with his British accent)

Afternoon walk to the "beach"


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