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today was a successful day in the life of parenting.  mondays are usually dreadful but today was refreshingly manageable, especially since moses has had a bug since friday/saturday.  friday night he came into our bed as per usual, but he was tossing around like crazy and moaning off and on about his stomach and head hurting.  i figured his head was hurting like mine because we both were not sleeping and i attributed the stomach pains to his never wanting to eat dinner...  i was stressed out about the lack of sleep since saturday morning is our quality time together.  we get ready and eat brekkie quietly before heading out to gymnastics.  well.... he tried to get some breakfast down but ended up doing 5-6  hurls all over his chair and the floor.  :(   i felt awful.  needless to say, we didn't go to gymnastics.

i headed out with Ethan's mom Michelle for the morning.  we drove out to North Van to try to find me some new glasses from Lynn Valley Optometry.  this place is beautiful and the people are so friendly and helpful.  i fell in love, of course, with a pair of $400 frames by FACEāFACE.  i knew that would happen.

oh great and look what i just found...  
thank god they didn't have these babies in the FACEaFACE section because i would have grabbed them and RAN LIKE HELL.

we returned.  kevin was still alive and had just made popcorn.  i sat and munched with them.

the afternoon was spent at home.  we opted out of dinner at my in-laws so we wouldn't pass mom's bug to anyone else although - knock on wood - none of us have caught it 3 days later.  we ended up driving to ladner to have japanese at Maguro with some cash my mom gave me on the day before.  apparently she has won the $30 attendance incentive three months in a row at her monthly condo meetings!

sunday was my full 8 hour work day.  the kids seem to have a 6th sense.  no matter how quiet i am in the mornings, their mom radar goes nuts on sunday mornings.  monday to friday when kevin gets up and gets ready, not a stir.  everyone was up, so the whole gang came along and went grocery shopping. 


i bought these absolutely incredible muffins from work yesterday for lunch.
normally i hate spending money on muffins but these did not disappoint!

moses is crying because chloe kept trying to grab the plate
chloe is crying because the plate is out of reach

mes petites souris

i've spent the last couple of nights off the blog and quilling away.  frame-worthy valentine's cards!  i'm really stoked on these arrows, they've turned out really well!  also stoked that i bought flowers yesterday!  they helped set up these photos perfectly!  also, AMAZING calendar find at the thrift shop on friday while my mom watched the kids!!!  

see more photos at thepauhaus

kids were running amok this morning while i took a bunch of these photos.  i only freaked out once and then bundled them up to go out onto the patio.  



i made sandwiches for lunch and decided it would be nice to make one for kevin with his Udi's bread.  sandwiches are always best fresh and waking up early to make one that won't be eaten for 4 hours is definitely not worth the effort so this would be a treat for my tired hubby.  also, it was a gorgeous sunny day after a weekend of FOG.  it was like a weird cat that descended upon Tsawwassen and Ladner while the rest of the lower mainland had bright clear sunny skies.

btw: this is not favouritism.  kevin had to keep running to the bathroom with moses because his stomach was killing him all day and he kept trying to go poo!  it wasn't until about 4pm that he had constant bouts of diarrhea for about 1.5 hours straight.  poor guy  :(  it was at this time that i was also cleaning and found this cute scarf with poodles and really wanted to get photos of chloe wearing it.  i felt bad, but come on i wiped his butt a total of like 12 times today!!!!!  

for some reason this photo makes me think of Don Karnage
(if you don't know or remember who it is i'll let you google it ha ha ha)

so this is how she manages to reach the wipes and pull all 3 billion of them out!

lotion!  thanks!

kevin arrives home and i retreat to the computer room for some mind numbing Pinterest cruising and pinning until of course the kids realize i am gone and i hear them running around yelling MOMMY??!!!  i finally break out when i hear kevin losing his cool while cooking in the kitchen and moses having another episode of diarrhea.  dinner is eaten in an eighth of the time it was made except for moses who felt too sick to eat anything.  we cheered him up with a bath.

three wonton heads


and amazingly they were in bed between 830-9pn which NEVER happens.

yes.  everyday is this long.


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