valentine's shake down

valentine's kicked off yesterday morning with some arts and crafts.  Taryn is always so on top of doing arts and crafts with Hanu and i promised myself i would make time more often for the kids.  luckily, i found a super easy project to do from Pinterest which required: toilet roll, paper, and paint!  EASY.

1.  take your roll and flatten it
2.  fold one end inward while creating the two bumps for the top of the heart

3.  moses was pounding it down and it actually was a good thing because it created
a greater (not to mention flush!) surface area

i also cut a piece of string for each of them and let them do some string painting
moses was very into this.  chloe kept eating it so she got downgraded to crayons...


ruffle ruffle

felt great this morning.  snuggled with moses, jumped out of bed and snuggled chloe.  had blueberry bran muffins and bananas for breakfast before getting dolled up for town.  we grabbed 4 balloons at Thrifty's, one for mo, chloe, Andie, and Ty.  

LOL Andie's grandpa was visiting and brought her this hilarious mask

went for waffles at Ambiente

Moses lost Ty's balloon so we made him a button  :)

Moses watching UP!



no pants party


i rarely check my hotmail but i was glad i did today.  i got a surprise email from my mom which really made my day...

 happy valentines 
may your day feel light
happy and free
just  enjoy the children's
laughter, smile,hugs
and poses. hope they
wipe away your tiredness with kisses.
remember you're, a wonderful're doing a really good job
may your life be full of bliss

love to you 

key just got home after picking up some groceries.  our valentine's tonight will consist of Celebration Cookies, dried mango, coconut yogurt, and Baileys.  

happy valentine's day!


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