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feb 15
lunch with my auntie ping and auntie wai wah.  met them at White Spot in richmond.

feb 16
dropped the kids off at my mom's to sleep over!!!

feb 17
got work done!!!!  relaxed!!!  first sample for new business cards for Lotus Events

a bunch of changes to be made but the general idea and feel is a go!

feb 18  - BUSY BUSY BUSY!
gymnastics with moses is getting better.  he is adapting to the idea of not being able to run free and having to stay with our group.  still really scared of the trampoline and has to be holding my hand.  if i jump to hard he freaks out.  he LOVES the foam pit and when they bring out the parachute!

rushed home and rushed out to Vancouver to check out and pay for a couch of craigslist my girlfriend sent to me the night before.  i'll show better photos another day... it's midnight.

dropped by my cousin's while waiting to meet up with a lady buying a HandySitt highchair from us that we got for $3 from the Thrift Shop.  so basically the couch cost us $3 since we got TWO highchairs for $3 and sold them for $60 each.  NICE.

lunch at THE PLACE with my cousin lauren and andrew.  small Chinese cafe in our old Marpole neighbourhoody.  i was skeptical at first but the food ended up being pretty good!  suffered from the usual Chinese food aftermath.  it was good to see her after her 2 months hiatus from the world.  


first things first...  this photo shows not one but TWO "gaga milks"
moses has made up this term and creates little lego structures that all look like the ones shown here.  as you can see, there is a flower flavoured gaga milk and an apple flavoured gaga milk.  the little yellow table with the pink tea set is our tea.  

moses pours us tea and then gaga milk


bottoms up!
(repeat 10x)

made a card for kevin's dad's birthday.  moses helped sprinkle the sparkles and then got bored and left me to finish up.

the big six oh!  
(which means kevin will be hitting his DIRTY THIRTY come november)

chloe in her little Ralph Lauren 90's floral dress with round collar

moses helping to make the fruit cake.  pouring on the yogurt.

arranging the fruit


feb 19
8 hour work day, dinner, and last minute trip out to visit Renee and Matt before their 2 month vacation in Europe!  worked out perfectly as they were leaving Tuesday and though they had dinner plans for Monday night, Renee ended up catching a stomach flu  :(

playing bell on a string with Fati(ma) the cat

Matt: we need some whip cream for your bread pudding
(busts out a blender.. wtf)

snapped this morning photo before she realized i had come to snuggle her

great sales this week at work!  well just the raspberries anyway.  when i don't feel like scraping oatmeal from a pot, i'll throw quinoa in the rice cookies and mix it with yogurt and agave.  i love oatmeal, it's delicious, it just always burns on the bottom!  these aren't navel oranges.  they aren't organic navel oranges.  these are cara caras and the only oranges worth eating even if they are $1.99/lb.  i have been buying them all week, gorging on them with the kids.

visited the Thrift Shop twice this week... have a bad feeling an old addiction is resurfacing!  found a bin of these newly knit children's scarves!  $1 each!  super soft and really great colours.  have found craft supplies for projects-in-waiting and a few awesome books for the kids.

chloe loves butterflies.


  1. steph!!! we must meet up soon...feels like momo and coco will soon forget me :(

  2. sure! he did forget your name when i was going through some old photos but as soon as i told him, he was like YEAH! and said he wanted you to come over :)


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