books of the month

Mr Wani is racing to make it to a party on time!  He makes lots of friends along the way.
 A wildly illustrated book with lots of BUMPS! and CRASHES!  super fun book to read.

Marie-Louise Gay, need i say more?
I love this Canadian author and her beautiful watercolours
A story about how rainy days make for some great indoor imagination
Her books always tell about great relationships between siblings and friends
One of my all time favourite Saturday morning comics was Mutts by Patrick McDonnell
Here, he does a very heartwarming story about Mooch trying to find the gift of "nothing" for his best friend Earl who has EVERYTHING aka a bowl, a bed, and a chew toy!  in a world with so many "somethings", how does one find "nothing"?

I have to assume that there are more books by Polly Dunbar seeing as it is "A Tilly and Friends Book"
(ok yeah there are totally a bunch of them about all the different animals - awesome!)

I have to admit that i am very biased when choosing books, i definitely judge books by their cover!  i can't help it, i'm into illustration!  if i don't like the illustration style, it's going to have to be a great Title to get me to check out a book.  that being said, I love the illustrations in this book as well, but the best part about this books is getting to do all the different voices of all the animal friends.  I'm getting pretty good at this voices thing and I'm hoping it encourages the kids to enjoy books beyond this young age.

I first saw this book at Indigo and fell in love with it but did not buy it, so when i saw it at the library i was super stoked!  moses really enjoys it, and i'm really glad that he isn't phased by the fact that the main character is a little girl.  Elizabeth is tired of everyone calling her nicknames like Betsy, Beth, and Liz.  she finally puts her foot down one day, with exception to her little brother who can't speak well yet.  
THE ILLUSTRATIONS ARE ADORABLE.  they remind me of my relief cut printmaking days in Kwantlen.  

ROBERT MUNSCH has finally entered our reading repertoire!
Moses first read Mortimer a few weeks ago at my inlaws, and Kevin picked up this one, one of my Munsch favourites!  Actually, we also have The Paperbag Princess which i love, especially when Moses laughs at Prince Ronald being called a "bum".  Robert Munsch is so awesome.  he has such a crazy sense of humour that kids really love.  his characters, even the ones that have a one page spread, have so much personality.  I guess that is a testament to illustrator Michael Martchenko.  so many unforgettable images!

I love reading this with moses because I get him to say the Murmel Murmel Murmel parts and because it ends with Robin getting to take the big firetruck.

This is a very very old book.  Copyright 1958 by Syd Hoff.
I found this book at the Thrift Shop for 50 cents and moses loves it!  Danny visits the museum to see his favourite, the dinosaurs.  One of them comes to life and they go around town helping traffic, eating ice-cream, and playing hide and seek.  The writing is a little dry for me but I enjoy the old school style illustrations, and it's just great seeing moses enjoy it so much.


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