so!  life on Pinterest is really just the bees knees.  i'm constantly finding so much inspiration and fabulous projects for the home, for the kids, for parties, for food, illustration, design, EVERYTHING!

last week, the local Thrift Shop had its antique sale.  i was a baffoon for passing up the wooden chairs, because when i finally decided to get them, they were gone.  and the last two that i was considering, also snatched up.  my decision to buy them arrived (too late!) when i found these:

originally from WDC (weekday carnival) via Pinterest

i continued my search for a plastic bunny cake topper for my sis-in-law.  i bought three tubes of animals from Walmart, none of which included a rabbit.  we went to Ladner to drop off the car so kevin could do an oil change on it during his lunch break.  the kids and i strollered over to the ladner thrift shop, the dollar store, the london drugs, and finally found one at the Treasure Isle toy shop.  had to pay a little more for it, but it's a beautiful little bunny!  and moses was so stoked he got to play with the trains :)  it was hilarious how preciously well-behaved and patient he was leading up to going, knowing full well that i could put on my BAD MOMMY mask and say HELL NO WE AREN'T GOING.  he was also so pleasant and lovely when it was time to leave!

ANYWAY! on the way home i dropped by the Tsawwassen Thrift Shop JUST IN CASE.  no animals to be found, BUT i did stumble upon these cute little toddler chairs!

Moses was very adamant that he model the chairs

i am super excited to get these little chairs done up for them!!!!  super super super super excited!!!
what a fun and easy project and i just know they are going to look amazing.

Oven roasted potatoes, peppers, onions, & corn topped with pork, carrot & cucumber & yogurt
i love my roommate, i mean my husband.  sometimes he makes me angry.  tonight when i rolled in from work at 10:30pm, he said moses randomly passed out at like 7pm, 2-3 hours earlier than usual.  surveying the house with my evil eagle mom eye, remember everything's place from when i had left at 5:45pm, i asked what time chloe went to bed.  8:30pm.  not ok.  having had TWO FULL HOURS SANS CHILDREN, the house should be in WAY better condition.  this was stated.  and we both cleaned for 20 mins which is obviously 40 mins for one person.  

then as i loaded photos for this blog, i found that he had taken photos of the dinner he made tonight.  i had to laugh to myself.  whether he did this out of vanity or because he knew i had been doing this as of late, or all of the above, i am reminded of why he is so amazing when he isn't on the chesterfield watching 30Rock after TMZ after who knows what before i arrived home.  

tomorrow is another busy day.  hopefully the weather won't be another crazy schizophrenic with fluffy white snowflakes at 11am for 20 mins and by evening be clear and sunny.  


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