days in the life

we've had a pretty good week so far.  lots of good food and company not to mention THE SUN!  the raging ball of gas in the sky that magically cures all feelings of sluggishness and grumpy downturned mouths.  

moses cozying on the couch during "rest time" with his Penguin and favourite blue blanket.  it amazed me a few weeks or a month or so back when he described to me just WHY he loved this blanket.  the furry side is nice and warm, and the smooth shiny side is cool, so basically it regulates his temperature.  

i know i posted about how Udi's makes a great pizza crust, but if you don't have Udi's brands in your neighbourhood or price range, this gluten free pizza crust mix by Bob's Red Mill was FANTASTIC!  it was super easy to make and it tasted delicious.  the texture was great, squishy but with a little snap at the end.


moses was fast asleep when i decided to switch things up and get chloe first.  usually i snuggle in bed with moses as long as humanly possible and he basically drags me out of bed.

FEET!  nom nom nom

moses sleeps, chloe and i creep.

bonk bonk bonk... WAKE UP!

after some moany moses, they are game for a few snapshots

we head to Winskill Park with Saara and Leila

wild child.  chloe loves going super fast and super high.  she throws her head back and laughs maniacally the harder and faster i push.

saara pushed these two monkeys for 15-20 mins

this was a huge moment for me.  for so long, moses was the little guy who would stand on the sidelines and watch the older kids congregate and discuss playground games, toys, and possible future playmates.  moses and leila sat down with these kids and carried on a totally normal conversation.

boy: i have lots of monster trucks...
moses: i have monster trucks, too
boy: really?!  which ones?!
moses: mmmm... a big one
boy: which one?
me: do you know Mater's Tall Tales? (nods yes) he has The Tormenter!
boy: really!  can i see it!
me: it's at our house, we didn't bring it
boy: can i come to your house? i'll go ask my mom!!!!

came home and i frantically threw a totally haphazard stir fry together.  amazingly it tasted rather decent.  it wasn't mind-blowing by any stretch but it was definitely more than just edible.  hahaha i'm getting better...

today was day 4 of moses' new movie addiction: Nacho Libre.  he watched it sunday with kevin while i was at work and since then it's been the "rest time" movie.  yesterday while we were having lunch, moses asked me about a word that began with the "CH" sound that i can not recall at the moment.  i wrote a big CH on the chalkboard with the word, and then "choo chop" and "church".  a few minutes later he blurted out "NA-CH-O!" and i had to pick up the pieces of my brain that had just exploded all over the floor.  i then drew this.  he has now memorized how to spell "nacho".  

busy busy!  we have a photoshoot at Lynn Valley Optometry this saturday, so we went over to Jade's new home to get our hair dids.  well, everyone but me anyway.  i don't know what is going on with my hair and at this point i may as well just be bald...  moses and soleil played phenomenally well together.  score! 2 out of 2 playdates without incident!  it must be the age they are at, because similar to moses and leila, moses and soleil were having conversations and playing together.

it blows my mind that i have known soleil's dad since i was in kindergarten, and that we were even really good friends gr 5-7.  i've known jade probably since i was 10.  and now we have kids that play together.  there is something very scary about that.

holding hands in the kitchen while jade makes toast and jam



buzzzzzzzz!!!!!  check out this mid-90's foppy fop hairdo!

having taken two separate cars, kevin dropped by Maguro in Ladner for a quick take-out order since he had not eaten since his lunchtime at work.  it was not the roll we ordered, but like everything else there, it was delicious.  ghettoooooo

made this Chai Steel Cut Oats recipe after my late dinner sushi snack
(posting separately here)

today (wednesday)

playmate with my east van momma's Taryn & Liz!

adorable bunting in the window

Taryn made a tape road on the carpet for the kids.  ingenious.

at Roaming Rascals, this is chloe's favourite thing to play with

a hair-raising experience!

yes, this is a real baby, not a doll.

last night i think i discovered my calling, what i want to do.  madly scribbling ideas, notes, to dos, and bouncing ideas of my very critically minded hub.  i think it's time for a tattoo.


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