dear gawd

it has been a surreal end to the weekend.  i was just about to finish cleaning and slump down to MadMen with a tea and chocolate, but realized i have a buttload of photos since yesterday.

bearded lady
(lol look how she ate her waffle)

we've been doing this the last couple of days.  i then get moses to change the date with our little woodblocks calendar.  he has yet to get bored.  

also!  this is the awesome stand that i snatched from Kiddo the other week.  it is metal and therefor magnetic.  thinking of using the bowls for random buttons and the top hooks for long vertical carded buttons with lots of ribbon.

headed to our last gymnastics class after chocomole moustache hour

my asian gymnastic LOL

finally! last day!  moses jumps...

and jumps!...


guess how many bazillion times he went down this rad slide?

certified gymnast!

proud mommas

after a little lunch we headed over to my in-laws for a quick visit since we would be in North Van for the photoshoot when we would usually be having our usual Saturday Night Dinner.  please note moses' choice to bring Carl (the crocodile) in a vessel.  here, he is saying "THERE'S POO!" but there wasn't really poo...  chloe is a punk princess.

i am loving her little bangs so much

bucket head chloe.

this was super crazy to see her doing this because i have a photos of myself, a year or two older, wearing a yellow bucket on my head.  gotta find it...

i made lego trees again.  they are my favourite thing to make.  the super tall badass one was created by moses.  he also made the house in front of the forest.

at Lynn Valley Optometry, waiting our turn.  LOVE CHLOE'S OUTFIT!

went to All India expecting the kids to do their usual buffet eating contest, but for whatever reason, they both were not into it.  everything was delish as usual.  kev and i ate too much, as usual.


until dessert!!!!

kevin has been leaving weird messages around the house with the blocks

chloe makes me want to scream

kevin took a few photos of us tonight during story time  :)

i don't know what is happening.  i need to go to the doctor.  my last two periods were both on the 31 of december and january.  i only realized this last night at around 3am and was frozen with fear for another hour.  i had to call emergency at work so i could run out first thing and get a test.

it was negative.


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