fab fashion friday AND shopping with chloe

i went out for lunch at Foundation with my girlfriend lindsay (aka vancouver Glory Days paparazzi lindsaysdiet.com) today. we discussed life, love, work, ancient gossip, and i freely dropped f bombs left and right. very therapeutic to wear my sailor mouth when the kids are not in tow.

it was raining of course, so while i was waiting for lindsay to arrive, i jumped into Eugene to warm up with a London Fog. today's inspiration is brought to you by the leggy girl in front of me.

please note:

1) the Derek Cardigan frames, designed by a cute little asian boy who happened to go to the same high school as my husband just a few blocks up the street from where i was lunching.

2) the Anita Sikma necklace made by one of my best friend's friends that i believe may still live just around the corner from where i was lunching.

it was truly wonderful to get away and have a quiet lunch, or rather uninterrupted lunch, with a girlfriend.  A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO CAELA FOR BUSSING FROM VANCOUVER TO BABYSIT/COOK/FEED THE KIDS/CLEAN MY KITCHEN.  dumbfounded how she managed to clean my kitchen.  i totally don't know when the last time i went out for lunch with a friend sans children was...  months ago i'm sure...  yup, still can't recall.  damn i wish we had snapped a photo together!  we both ordered the lower east side (?), mangos and black beans on rice.  haven't had it in ages, and it's alway double the size i expect it to be.

we went our separate ways.  i headed up to Kiddo in hopes of picking up the last of the pink Natives Fitzsimmons shoes for Andie and/or baby Ottealia but i was too late.  the only pair left was a Jellybean Purple in 12/13.  i got them.  I HAD TO!  i had a $35 credit and their last day is tomorrow!  i also grabbed two red robins with wire feet, a black and a cream kid friendly nail polish, and a free bonus metal stand with double tiered bowls and a rotating rack on top.  A PERFECT HOME FOR BUTTONS!!!!

i rushed to Front a block away to check if i had any outstanding cash from consignment and walked away with $50!  score!  i managed to keep myself from buying the tiniest sterling silver earrings for chloe since she doesn't even have her ears pierced.  they had teensy tiny starfish, sea shells, sear horses, giraffes, and more but those were my faves.  they were $16.  couldn't decide on one and definitely was not walking out with $30 for two earrings.

kevin got a raise!!!!

we headed out to Grandview after dinner in hopes of finding some long sleeve shirts for chloe since she only has a few and they are getting small.  kevin dropped me and coco off at the H&M ( i had gc's ) while he went to stock up on diapers from WalMart.  i can not tell you how much fun i had shopping with chloe.  i am in SO MUCH TROUBLE.  she LOVES shopping.  she goes through all the racks and pulls things that catch her eye, examines them and moves on if it isn't "her" or yanks it off the rack if she likes it.  this little peanut KNOWS what she likes.  she is super particular.  i picked stuff out for her and showed her the items, but she was uninterested.  i guess i should not have been surprised since i was basically dressing her like me.  but i started to seek out things i thought she would like and from then on it was a total frenzy.  SO MUCH HELLO KITTY!  she was stoked.

she had her first experience finding a pair of shoes that did not come in her size.  they were a pair of pink, yellow, white plaid lace-up sneakers and they were too small.  she actually brought them to me, sat down, and started patting her feet, directing me to try her new find.  i was dying of happiness, sadness, and cuteness.  after finally being forced to put back all the shirts i really liked, she carried her picks around the store until we got to the accessories and then we went nuts trying on all the sunglasses.  OMG I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!  she tried on these Hello Kitty Ones and you could tell by the look on her face and her strut that she thought she was the shit.  we passed the round trendy ones, the metallic pink/green wayfarers, flower shaped ones, and left with APPLE ONES!!!!!!  i also caved into a necklace/bracelet set for her.  i showed her other ones and she didn't give a shit about the bunnies or the Hello Kitty, she wanted the one with fruit on it.  of course she would.

i will post the buys tomorrow.  i love being a girl.


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