first day of spring

my nightly intention of going to sleep early was foiled once again, despite having to wake up early for our  Natural Path appointment in White Rock this morning.  my eyes were aching as i laid in bed beside moses, following the hushed blur of my husband readying himself for work to keep me from falling back asleep.  THE SHEETS WERE SO WARM!  AND MOSES SMELLED SO  YUMMY!  

kevin left for another day.  moses was out cold.  chloe woke up and i ran to greet her scrumtrulescent dumpling face with a hurricane of mom kisses.  we hung out for a little bit before moses heard us and came tumbling out of bed to join us.

the car ride was pleasant.  i finally managed to recharge my (first version) itouch my sister donated to me 3 years ago, and decided to tap into whatever music was on there.  there was not much opposition surprisingly to The Clash, some vintage Tutti Frutti, and in the middle of Hole's "Olympia", moses felt the need to interrupt the song to tell me he liked it and wanted to listen to it again.  HA!

the appointment went well.  people were understanding and very good about the kids, even towards the end when they were restless and banging/touching everything.  the bill was a heft $230, medicine included and i have appointments booked for the next two weeks for follow up.

i decided to take chloe to a Natural Path for her allergies, because i figured and allergist's only means of finding out is to do the scratch test.  there was no way in hell i was letting anyone do that to chloe.

we'll see how this stuff works.  she has a cream and few different oral things that are supposed to balance out her system.

since we were in White Rock, i decided to make the most of our drive and take them to the beach where they have a train track running parallel to the entire coastline.  it was the least i could do since moses had been pretty well behaved.

you can't tell from the photos but it was a deathly cold and blustery day
ok maybe you can tell by the waves...

eating snacks
mind over matter, their appetites took over their ability to feel their fingers freeze
(felt so horrible that i forgot gloves)

moses was super excited to go on the dock, but once we got there, the planks freaked him out and he kept asking me to hold his hand

he wouldn't budge


once again, a very stoked moses turned into an apprehensive moses as the train proved to be much louder than he had expected

the caboose

they wanted to go play on the rocks, so we did.

they wanted to go play in the water, so we did.
and then chloe fell on her butt, got soaking wet, and screamed bloody murder in the car as i peeled her frozen jeans from her poor little legs and the freezing wind blew through the open door.  i tore off my sweatshirt and wrapped her legs up.  half way home, she passed out, sucking on my sweater.

inspiration: Miranda Crane
(send me the link if you have it, i can't find it!)

i was so exhausted from all the hustle and bustle.  we got home and ate a bunch of leftovers.  chloe went for her nap (thank god, after sleeping in the car), and moses and i read a few stories in my bed.  i couldn't get out at that point and we both eventually fell asleep.  i awoke to chloe crying, her leg stuck in the crib bars.  

Try it, You might like it!

after dinner, we went out for a little walk

most awesome photo EVER
chloe is super jealous of the trike, and always sneaks into the laundry room to climb on it.  having to watch moses pedal away was not fair, so we let her ride on the back.  couldn't believe she was actually holding on to him hahahha

it was a long day. 
i don't know what it is, if maybe my perspective has changed, but these last two weeks have felt really great.  i have felt a lot better about myself and seem to be a little more at peace when the hard days come knocking.  :)


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