just another manic monday

i know i have said it before, but mondays seem to be such great days.  i am thankful for this.  it's almost like an extension of the weekend!  hmm, i don't know, maybe not...  we are socialized to "work for the weekend" and then battle the weekend wars of bars, partying and snorting coke at friends of friends of friends' house parties.  ok, so never did the snorting myself, but i walked in on some girls doing it back in the crooked house party days.  ANYWAY.  what i'm saying is that weekends are no longer what they used to be, they are not necessarily the best part of the week.  saturdays usually include catching up and running errands before my work day on sundays.  

i am grateful for these mondays that feel like cozy saturday mornings...

we woke up at 10:09am which our bodies are still saying is really 9:09am
we had lazy breakfast today.  granola, yogurt, & strawberries... OR!

Organic Love Crunch Granola with chocolate, raspberries, strawberries, coconut & flax
Vanilla Krema Greek Yogurt
California Strawberries!

kevin found this granola at Budget Foods in Ladner.  it was created by a couple who work for Nature's Path as a thank you gift for their wedding, hence "LOVE Crunch".   it became so popular through their guests, they decided to sell it and share it with the rest of us.

Artichoke, Cara Cara, & Chick Pea Salad
Lazy Lunch followed Lazy Breakfast

so this has been one of my recent go-to easy meal for the past few weeks.  i've had this twin pack of jarred artichoke hearts (marinated in oil) from Costco for months (don't worry they have not expired...).  my girlfriend bronwen makes an amazing pasta salad with them and i have yet to get around to making it.  instead i started throwing them together with fat juicy pieces of Cara Cara oranges and then adding a variety of things from canned chick peas, leftover orzo cooked in vegetable stock, leftover pasta, or tonnes of fresh crunchy lettuce.  as you can tell, it's all leftovers or things hanging out in the fridge.  as long as i have a chilled Cara Cara in the fridge, i'm all set!  the marinade from the jar is oil and mixes so nicely with the citrus so it's its own dressing!  just a little S&P to taste.

moses didn't like the artichokes.  at least he tried it.  THE ONE BITE RULE STANDS.
chloe was into them, no surprise there.

i had a very relaxed morning.  the house was in fairly good shape, thanks to kevin's efforts the night before, so i didn't have too much cleaning to do, and anything that needed tending to was allowed to wait for today.  after a hectic weekend, i just needed to unwind and enjoy my babies.

i headed to the Thrift Shop to see if they had: 
(1) plastic animals for kevin's sister's birthday cake this weekend AND these rad animal plaques
(2) wooden spoons (i've got 5 so far) for this

they had neither plus the store was mostly closed off for rearranging.

made a quick trip to the dollar store for a few crafty things and to check out their plastic animals.  the plastic animals were large and ugly.  but i found other stuff and made mental notes of all the easter crap they had so that i could do some easter projects with the kids.

saara had called me at the Thrift Shop.  leila was at pre-school and saara went for lunch downtown with a girlfriend.  her car was towed and would not be able to scoop leila up, so we picked her up and had a great playdate SANS INCIDENT!   moses and leila have totally differently personalities, they are a ying and yang, balancing one another out.  moses is very excitable and high energy whereas leila is a little cucumber.  moses was the most gracious host, offering her apples from his bowl and when he needed a drink from his cup, he also offered leila her cup.  it blew my mind how much she was talking and to see what 6 months ahead looked like.

leila did not want to kiss, but moses didn't care.

at least she thought it was amusing

i did a few errands in town with moses after gymnastics on saturday which included checking out the nail polish aisle at Shoppers.  the Essie's were no longer on sale but i probably still would not have paid the sale price for them even though they have such fantastic consistency and application.  if you have the cashola to spend on nail polish I IMPLORE YOU TO BUY ESSIE!  I LOVE IT.  instead, i opted for the 1/3 of the price Sally Hansen and went with Mint Sorbet, Mellow Yellow and Lacey Lilac.  so basically 3 for the price of 1.  ....hustlin' hustlin'

she didn't stay very still but i managed to get a few seconds here and there between fingers to blow them, and a few seconds more of drying time with each application for which she stayed still.  plus her fingernails are so bloody tiny that there really isn't that much surface area to dry.

i tightened them so she could play with them.  she really wanted to play with them.


Leftover salmon fishcakes with some zucchini bits for dinner
(i love ketchup but i think i'm going to attempt to make my own to bypass all the crap that makes it so deliciously processed)

Cait and Ty dropped by after our dinner to lend me some cake pans for Jen's birthday this weekend.  i have been obsessed with the "fade" trend that is happening, particularly with CAKES!

Purple Ombre Sprinkles Cake!

Jen's birthday is March 17th, St Patrick's Day.  they are irish so every birthday has had some Irish twist.  i am not brave enough to tackle the recipe provided, so Cait and I went for an impromptu SANS CHILDREN trip to Walmart for a "mommy timeout" and bought cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, AND I FOUND PLASTIC ANIMALS!  i'm going to go with a bluish green fade for the irish twist.  i'm excited and nervous!

chloe has been waking up a lot the past few weeks at night time.  i don't know what is going on.  here are two videos from tonight around 11pm when i finally decided to take her out and let her run around while we watched tv.



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