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we had michelle and cait over with sons ethan and ty a few nights ago.  we got on the topic of professional photographs and photographers offering a few nude photos to the parents.  at first, it seems like an obscene and almost perverse offer, but then you realize that i great deal of bringing up children is seeing them in their little birthday suits...  

whether its the 10th diaper change of the day, chasing them around to get clothed, or just good old splashing in the tub, their tiny little bodies have yet to be touched by society and its ideas of decency.  

i am not nudist by any stretch (though my past art school projects would beg to differ... ) but it is one of the many joys of having kids.  they have no shame.  they have no concept of "the perfect body" or what it means to be "naked".  

they are who they are in their own skin.  loud and proud to be themselves.

my mom came over friday to spend quality time with the kids.  i went off gallivanting at Grandview Corners to pick up a bathing suit from Walmart.  cait had texted me the other day saying their were tonnes and super cheap.

this ruffly little number was $9.  she loved it.

i also went to H&M hoping to find these rad floral pants that i had spotted a couple of weeks back. 
(my sister is laughing bc i had a pair of hideous floral pants when i was young and it was the only thing i ever wanted to wear and all my babysitting relatives wanted to kill me) 

i was busy with kids and didn't have time to be trying anything on.  
unfortunately, they sold out within a couple of days. 


i ended up buying a new wardrobe which i will hopefully be able to model in the next couple of days!  i had an absolute blast!  i haven't done a shop like this since i was pregnant with moses.  my body hasn't been itself for 3-4 years and yesterday i finally FINALLY went crazy and heaped my arm with everything that caught my eye.  i could NOT believe it, everything fit like a glove!  i felt glorious!  those poor 19 year old employees were probably laughing at my feet dancing and posing beneath the change room doors!

Taryn and I ended up doing a last minute mom's night out at the Cobalt - punk bar gone hipster bar - for ModClub night.  my FAVOURITE night back in the day.  the original location at the Honey Lounge closed down and i was beside myself just miserable not having been able to make it to its closing shindig last year.  the same ModClub Dave was there and i know it's lame, but i was so stoked he recognized me and gave us a drink ticket each to boot.  perfect!  since more than one drink for me means barfing on the sidewalk!

$50 H&M

i look horrible in this photo
look at Taryn's sexy hair!!!!

Finished off my Happy Meal with one of their home baked apple pies!
KLF also joined us for the evening!  i had such a great time.  drinking, blazing, dancing, laughing at the token white bro dancing up a non-stop storm in his baggy jeans, top and baseball cap, getting hit on by him and weird creepy friend, staggering the few blocks in heels in the crisp Vancouver air back to the McDick's where we parked.  i had the Happy Meal and scored two toys for the kids HA!

dropped Taryn off at home first since her breasts were hulking out of her dress ready to feed baby Armenie.  dropped of KLF and was home around 2:30am.  so really, not far off from my usual bedtime.  today has been rough.  every night i promise to go to bed early and end up on this horrible invention that is the internet, blogging or doing projects.  my eyes having been bagging!  

OH and i keep meaning to post this

Monday March 26 2012
my first white hair

so here is my first photo wearing my new glasses!
watching Thomas this morning with the kids while kevin tried his hand at crepes using the crepe pans we scored from Andrea and Rob (Lotus Events / GotCraft) when they moved to England.

i love this photo.  i feel like i do not document enough of kevin.  i love the way our home looks like a home with the light and lack of shit all over the floor.  i love how it's just him and chloe.  

i love how he has started wearing this AA vneck again.  i appropriated it when pregnant with moses and it pretty much continued to be part of my wardrobe until losing most of my weight after having chloe.  i have tried to bleach it but those milk stains are determined to leave their mark.  this clearly seems to have no effect whatsoever on kevin.  

kevin bought cauliflower.  i didn't see it so i bought one too.  we roasted it for dinner the other night.  it was perfect timing since Taryn posted that fantastic recipe from Nom Nom Paleo for cauliflower fried rice!  we did our own version and it was incredibly delicious!  moses was inhaling it and asked for seconds and inhaled it again when we had it for dinner!  chloe also really loved it, but we had to opt out of the eggs since i think she is allergic to egg whites.

i chopped up the cauli into itty bitty pieces while kevin did the bacon.  he then added some minced garlic and diced onions before throwing in the cauliflower and peas at the end.  there was also some fish sauce added, but not the kind mentioned in the recipe.  definitely going to be on our go-to list!

the chairs

partial collection of mis-tints

moses was eager to help



kids have been super stoked about them.  however, i've been doing a lot of wiping down as they have taken to eating their snacks on them and wiping their grubby blueberry-avocado hands all over.

tomorrow is Tom's first birthday.  i'm so stoked that i took the day off tomorrow.  TWO DAYS of being able to sleep in and just be with the family.  the best feeling!!!  


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