weekend photos & FUNDUE!

photos by caela from friday

chloe enjoys brushing her teeth or sucking the crap out of it for long periods of time.  i have adapted to her fixation and allow her to suck on it until she is tired or becomes distracted by something else, at which point i snatch it and sneak it back into the bathroom.

she understands "time to brush your teeth!"  she starts doing the movements with her hand over her mouth.  oh look.  she is walking around the room as we speak at 12:04am.  she woke up and doesn't seem interested in going back to bed.

this is her favourite headband of mine.

mr bossy pants

carla couldn't resist trying to braid chloe's hair  :)

blanket sucker

the kids were good.  apparently moses was distracted for about an hour with the tv allowing caela to clean my kitchen.  it was nostalgic.  when we worked together at Westbank she literally came over to my desk one day and told me she was going to clean my desk.  how embarrassing.  then we probably went to McDick's or Taza for lunch.

saturday morning.  moses and i went to gymnastics and chloe and kev had their quality time.
look how huge this toast is compared to chloe's face hahaha

moses had a good day at gymnastics!  he's been terrified of the trampoline.  i told him that i wasn't allowed to go with him, so he crept across to the middle at a glacial pace and did the lightest "jumps" you could imagine.  they weren't even jumps, he was pretty much just applying pressure to create the up and down movement in the trampoline.  he felt more confident and applied more pressure and even sort of jumped across back to me.  i was thrilled. 

after having two turns, we lightly jumped to the other end and into the foam pit.

kevin had a dentis appt in richmond and dropped chloe off at my mom's beforehand.  i followed behind after gymnastics with moses.  my mom took them for the afternoon while i went on another shopping spree at Superstore (wowee!), drove home to do some work and clean up, and dropped by Marla's with the pair of Jellybean Purple Fitzsimmons for whichever of the kids fit them.  they were $20 on sale at Kiddo from $60!  and i had $35 of my credit!

waiting outside Marla's with nothing but the rain and my warm coffee

i spent almost 2 hours at Superstore.  it was bliss.  uninterrupted crazy indecisive stephanie roaming back and forth finding things and putting them back or trading them for other items over and over.  seduced by cute patterns, ruffles, polkadots, and dirt cheap racks left and right.  

$16 - light grey sweatpants for me
$5 - long sleeve cotton shirt with gold sequins around the neck (Age 4-5)
$7 - plain black casual/dress shorts for kevin
and 3 birthday gifts for upcoming kiddies!

chloe sporting her new apple sunglasses from our H&M visit friday night

kevin "sleeping"

my 8 hour shift went by fast today.  it is awful that with the exception to the last 2 days, the only time i shop is when i'm shopping for groceries.  it's the only valid purchase i can make and even then i'll squeeze in a 6 pack of blood orange orangina or krema or other treats.  

omg.  moses just woke up and is now sleeping in our room and chloe is awake crying in her crib again

tonights's dessert was sliced up banana & pineapple chunks with chocolate fondue!

chloe kept trying to just eat the chocolate
they loved the pineapple

moses got jealous when i put chloe in a dress after throwing her chocolate covered clothes in the laundry basket so i had to take his clothes off too.  he stole chloe's necklace and decided it looked better on him.

presenting the stolen goods

chloe: whatever moses, i've got my furry moccasins and my purse, i don't care...

dear auntie caela, i now fit into this dress :)
thank you for buying it for me when i was still in my mom's belly


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