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haha... so let's start with another chalkboard update.  Moses figured out to do "H" on his own.  I think he was actually trying to remember how to do the "A" but instead of doing the "up - down - across" method, he mindfully thought of what an "A" looked like and attempted to do it himself.  funny, how the word HATE ended up being randomly created.  you will also notice i taught him how to draw train tracks...

a few snaps of girly girl coco in my room this morning.  she is a master climber.  she found my headbands once again on my (messy) dresser and proceeded to have me put them on her so she could prance in front of the mirror.

happy second birthday Ty!

made him a sparkle card
cait made birthday cupcakes and even printed out Cars characters for toppers!

she did a fab job on these super delish cupcakes!

sparkle sparkle

a few silly faces from mr handsome

these eyes are ready to gobble up that cupcake

once in a while you get to see me looking presentable

cupcake crumb knees

pussy willow from our Marvelous Monday nature walk

chloe napped and i went out onto the patio with moses for a little bit.  he helped me sweep the leaves onto the grass.  i drew him up a hopscotch which he has been super into at gymnastics.

rebel without a cause, dancing across the hopscotch

above: my composition
below: moses' composition

SO!  this is a mini harmonica necklace that i bought in chinatown back in 2007.  how would i have ever known that i would have a chubba baby girl whose tiny mouth would fit so perfectly around it and kill me every time she played it?!!!!  you also get to watch her blow at the effing butterflies.  


  1. haha... i luv it that coco loves the harmonica. what an awesome way to make noise. hopefully it doesn't get to be too much! ;)

    let's do a nature walk or a stroll one time soon. i went to stanley park the other day and it was lovely. maybe we can plan something like that.

  2. totes! i was actually thinking of maybe doing nature park in richmond on monday. we'll see if the weather is nice.


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