small things

this blogging really takes a lot of energy and time.  i love it and i hate it.  i get consumed by it.  i don't really know what i'm doing or where i am going, but i thank you for your loyalty and hope you are enjoying my rants, raves, and journey through life with kids.  AND HUSBAND.  can't forget him, this would be an entirely differently blog without him, probably a non-existent blog!

it's been a lot of photos and less writing which is probably great for you but a little disheartening for me.  i know photos are worth a million words or a thousand words, but some things you can't photograph.  after all, we can smell, hear, touch as well...

that said.  i have a buttload more photos for this post.  if i have time i'll do another post... for me.  and for you, if you are interested and have the time.

moses is an eager cook.  i asked him one morning to make me food, and he kept calling me when he was done but i ignored him, probably busy cleaning.  i later walked into the room to see this fabulous layout of food stacked on his bunk ladder.  this has become his restaurant's serving window.  he actually is very possessive of it, and clocks chloe whenever she is standing in it.

he really did a sweet job with these.  they are actually cohesive meals!  check out that seafood soup!  check out the egg with mushroom, lettuce and red pepper!  and the pancakes with toast!  the boiled cabbage!  


last week moses decided it was Thomas' birthday.  he stuck a pylon on Thomas' head and made everyone cakes with fish.  i was excited so i pulled out birthday hats for us to wear.

i am impressed by his imagination

sometimes i don't know what to do with myself.  sometimes there's nobody to hang out with or take a walk with and it gets lonely.  i have to get out.  even if it's cold or i am just strung out exhausted, i know i need to get out and the kids need to get out.  since i have finally reached a time in this life-with-children where we wake up at 9am, it means breakfast isn't until 9:45am and after eating and attempting to clean up and maybe enjoy half a cup of tea, it's already 10:30am.  

NOTE!  i will usually eat with them at the table but REALLY REALLY FAST so that while they are still piddling through their food, i can grab a few minutes to myself to check my email.

by the time i get myself decent, chase them both down for clothes, argue with them about clothes, and try to grab snacks and run back in 3 times for phone, chapstick, wallet, etc... it's 11:30am and that means lunch is just around the corner.  EFF.

in these instances which are more frequent than i enjoy, i end up driving out to do errands to make it back in time.  or else i am power walking, starving, exhausted, and making a late lunch.  so last week i just grabbed some seaweed rice crackers, a pack of dried apricots & mangoes, a pear and a sippy cup and decided we would just have a picnic lunch at the park.  they were stoked.  and i got to lie down!  with intermittent sunshine warming my face!

on another lonely day last week, day before Ainge's soiree, i took the kids out to Deifenbaker Park to feed the ducks.  i've been meaning to do this since the Cereal Incident so i could get rid of the rice krispies instead of just chucking them out.  moses was super excited and had a blast chucking fistfuls of christmas coloured cereal at the unsuspecting ducks.

he was a little disheartened when they would run away, but i told him they were scared and that they would come eat when he walked away.

chloe checking out the ducks.  we are so used to animals, but it must be a really strange and wonderful experience to see them for the first time at such a young age.  after all, ducks are not as small when you are only 15 months old!  i was feeling the same way when i was going through an animals book with her today.  seeing all these animals for the first time must be very jarring but very interesting.  what would you notice first about a parrot?  or a camel?  or an owl?  what would be the most visually appealing?  what would you be drawn to without having had any socialization or context or background info of where these animals come from?

out of nowhere, the ducks took off in a loud flutter

we followed them to the pond

and found more on the little pier

my muffin

oh chloe, what a lovely profile you have 


it was a short visit but we left just before it started to rain.  they wanted to play at the park even though it was bloody freezing outside.  i don't remember having no nervous system.  why doesn't the cold seem to bother them?

sunday mornings

i hate having to leave my cozy warm bed for work.  i hate not being able to snuggle with moses and have him tell me what time it is on my phone and give me my glasses.  i hate not being able to hug and kiss them good morning so that i don't wake them up.  it's hard to leave a sleeping family.  i don't know how kevin does it the other 5 days a week.

alright i have two more posts to do here...


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