st paddy's day ombre cake!

so!  the past two days have been dedicated to this ombre cake for my sister in law's birthday.  we just finished it a few hours ago and i have been working on the photos and talking with my sister on the phone.  i walked out of the office to get something, but as soon as i came out i saw moses dart from cake on the counter down onto his belly with his head hidden under the couch and his little striped underwear butt staring me in the face.  MOSES!!!!!  i looked at the cake to see a bunch of little finger swipes along the sides of the icing and freaked out.  i grabbed my camera to take photos only to realize

ONE: the batteries were still charging
TWO: the entire other side of the cake had also been finger swiped!!!

the damage has been controlled.  thank goodness i ran out for another can of frosting (at which point i locked chloe and myself out of the car and had to get kevin to come rescue us)



neighbour cait came to the rescue once again to help with the first half, the half that would have taken exponentially longer to do.  she lined up all the bowls and mixed all the ingredients together.  she divided them evenly and let me do the fun part: FOOD COLOURING.

i don't bake.  as you already know, i'm just slowly trying to get a better grasp on cooking.  baking is tremendously daunting to me.  this "colouring" is a good incentive though!

BEAUTY!  like cans of paint!

poor little groggy face was mildly impressed

she would rather eat...

while the cakes baked and cooled, it hailed like it was the end of the world for about 20 minutes before coming to an abrupt halt.  the kids had fun watching.  moses had gone for a walk with my mom and they made it back home just as it started.


cait made cupcakes with the leftover batter

do not be fooled by #1 & #2, the outsides get covered in frosting/jam anyway, the insides hold the true colour!  they look like green cheese moons with all the craters.  they are so pretty!


cait messaged me last night warning me that if the cake is green, the jam is red, and the outside is white, it's going to turn into a christmas cake.  i ended up mixing cocoa powder into one of the cans of frosting which ended up tasting pretty good.  


looks like a zombie hamburger

leave it to my husband to frost the whole cake while i ran out with chloe to buy another can, thinking i didn't have enough.  jerk...

lightly sprinkled, the anticipation of cutting is killing me
seriously, i was so stressed out 

the colours were great although i would like to make the last two a lot darker

the skinny layer was actually the best and most perfect layer but i thought it was too big so i tried to cut it down and made it the worst layer of all hahaha

will definitely go with a DARK jam or DARK chocolate, this brown does not offer enough contrast to my liking despite tasting delicious

what's this?...

oh. my. goodness.

it looks like that little rabbit found his way into the cake!

i needed and excuse to cut the cake for photos
i hope this little rabbit butt is a cute enough fix for having to pre-cut a birthday cake

this was a lot of work, but i think i can do it.
planning on doing another for ainge's birthday next friday


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