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remember Do Doubt's best of album?  well we have it.  i don't listen to a lot of new music, so my old COMPACT DISCS are still piled in the side pockets of my car, circulating and being passed down to the next generation.

there was
Bad Romance

and now it's
Hey Baby!
Don't Speak
Just a Girl

his favourite is Hey Baby! and when he pesters, whines, politely demands for it to be played again (and a again and again) he actually says "Hey BAYBAY!" the way they sat it in the song.  he starts dancing in his carseat and tells us to dance with him and every time the chorus comes on he's right in there singing and learning the words.  it is awesome.

can i tell you how much i have loved No Doubt/Gwen Stefani since Just A Girl came out in June 1996 when i graduated from elementary school?  I LOVE HER.

it is so strange to love music and pass it down.  i have been constantly wondering what it would be like to have a child and only open them up to music in its order of existence.  from the very beginning, all around the world, expose them as it was developed.  i keep wondering if that would make something CLICK in them, see and feel and understand the world in a different way.

i made a jibjab video for christmas and the kids watch it every friday when my mom comes to visit

moses is really amazing.  he drives me up the effing walls, but watching kids grow is really insane.  they absorb so much, so fast, and develop like super humans.  it's too fast.  you are constantly being the side boards at kiddie bowling for this crazy ball that is bouncing all over the place, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  it is exhausting!  BUT today, we sat for lunch and out of nowhere moses just starts thanking me:

 "thank you mommy for this ABC soooouupp, and the saaaandwicheees, and the pickleeeee... (pause - gasp - surprise face) ...  MOMMY GUESS WHAT?!!!!  .....   (makes crazy face) I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!"

the eating shenanigans continue, but it's been better, a lot better.  it still takes a lot of effort, patience, coaxing, reminding and repeating, and just enough balance of casual aloofness, but at least it doesn't end in hardcore meltdowns, angry timeouts, and altogether too much drama.  

chloe loves cats and butterflies and hello kitty.

she loves them.  it is insane.  she also really likes dogs.  but i feel like cats are tops right now.  i appreciate pets, but i've never been one to have any.  i just can't clean up after any more shit than my own.  that said, my interest in cats has skyrocketed due to my daughter's keen interest.  today, after chloe woke from her nap, the kids both sat on my lap and we looked at photos of cats on Pinterest and you tubes cats including this CRAZY HILARIOUS famous cat Maru that i found through

she is so particular about what she is wearing it is blowing my mind.  i'll ask her if she wants to go out for a walk, and she will disappear and surprise me with a pair of shoes that she wants to wear!  so far her brown with pink polka dot Maryjanes have been the most popular.  i ACTUALLY have to be careful of what clothes she sees because if it's her cat shirt or her butterfly hoodie, she will b-line for it even if it's hanging out of the hamper covered in yesterday's dinner.  then it's a fight.  

she gets excited about accessories and once she has so kindly requested your help in putting on her apple sunglasses or one of my headbands, she will immediately try to find someone to show it off to.  she does this, i kid you not.  she actually already is attracted to carrying around bags and talking on a phone. 

Made a new smoothie and it was a major success!
I was really reluctant to try the Blueberry with Cucumber because I didn't think it would top the Strawberry with Cucumber but this was SO DELICIOUS!!!!

Coconut Milk (1 cup)
Cucumber (about 3/4 cup halved and seeded)
3 handfuls Blueberries
Squirt of Agave


she is understanding so much.  i keep wondering if moses was like this.  my memory says chloe is earlier, but my memory is the equivalent of an old rotting car on the side of a house.  definitely not dependable.  i don't remember moses being able to communicate so well at this age either.  but i could be totally wrong, who knows.  PS:  there is a new batch of pregnant friends on the horizon.  i am so excited for all of them!

i have so many things i have forgotten to write.  and i need to sleep because it's 1230am and i have to get up extra early to drive to White Rock where i am totally unfamiliar with two kids, on my own, for an appointment with a Natural Path for chloe.  you have to be there 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork.  i'm going to die.

UGH gotta make those pre made steel cut oats NOW because i won't be able to do breakfast tomorrow...


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