two lucky charms: st patrick's day continued...

we grabbed Mink bars for jen's birthday
i have yet to try the Moishemellow but the Mermaid's Choice is one of my top favourites along with High Tea WHICH THEY DID NOT HAVE IN STOCK!

so we decided to try something new.  this was very good but not a favourite.  probably give the ginger one a try next time around.

my aunt who lives in Texas bought me this dress when my dad passed away in 2003
Talula from Aritzia, a green tweed baby doll dress
i wore it a bunch and then stopped wearing it for a long time

trying to find some green in my closet, i tried it on today for the first time in years 
it looked amaze balls on me, but i figured it was too dressy for family get together

happy st patrick's day!!!

outside in my inlaws front yard

who smiles like this?

sun bun bum

the usuals

the cake was very well received

even better with strawberries

chloe playing spin the arrows by herself

the kid lets

chloe taking in the lovely details of the early 1960's


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